City Council Hears Presentation by Hockey Association

(example of enclosed Ice arena)

~ by Bob Volpe ~

Tom Toronto, of the Meadow Wood Sports Complex improvement project,
presented city council with a presentation on a proposed project to
erect a roof over the hockey rink at Meadow Wood Park.
The project will include a 28,500 square foot building that will serve
to extend the hockey season by several months. The building will
provide a multi use, year round facility for a variety of events, not
just hockey. It will include public facilities with 5 locker rooms, a first aid
room, rest rooms, storage, indoor concession space, office space, and
a gazebo entrance.Toronto said, “The facility will be open to all residents and the
community for all cultural events. Art fairs, trade fairs, gift and
home shows, plays, family reunions, community meetings, birthday
parties, group functions, fund raising events, dances, and endless

Fund raising for the project kicked off last Saturday at Meadow Wood
Sports Complex.  Toronto said the group is also seeking grant money
for the project. Toronto hopes the project will be completed by the
winter of 2019.

After Toronto’s presentation council was invited to ask questions
about the project. Mayor Levy kicked off the questioning with, “I have
a couple questions. One, could you give us a sense of why you’re here?
I guess that you would like some help from the city and two,do you
have an estimate as to what this is going to cost? And three, my
understanding was that with the roof you are going to get a certain
amount of extra time not year round?” Toronto responded, “We have talked with the city. They are willing to help us out with whatever they can. There haven’t been any monetary figures disclosed at this point in time. The project cost is
approximately $2.9 million dollars. As far as year round ice, the
facility is equipped with under the cement plumbing that can be turned
into a refrigerated ice rink.” He stressed at this time the project
estimate does not include the refrigerated unit. There is the
possibility of donated refrigeration in the future, but for now the
facility will weather dependant. Toronto pointed out, “Keep in mind, this is not just a hockey facility. It is something that is going to be used year round. That is
what we want to expand our focus on.”Councilman Noel Sawyer asked, :”What about other sports? Maybe indoor soccer, lacrosse, indoor football?” Toronto said, “There are many sports groups that can use this if the weather is not that good. This facility will accommodate indoor practice as well.”

Mayor Levy concluded, “I can assure you, this will be a topic of
conversation. Where the city is concerned that is the best I can tell
you right now. I guarantee you that we will be having that discussion.
I think the steps you’ve taken thus far will lead us a long way in
making a positive decision. Go as hard as you can. We’re going to have
a high school hockey team for the first time in our history, so kudos
to all of you who have been a part of that. And trust me on this, if
you give me some backing on that I can almost assure you that at least
it will become a little better received.”