Green Mountain Falls to light up with Green Box Arts Festival

[press release] The 2017 lineup for the lauded Green Box Arts Festival was recently announced.

Held in the small mountain town of Green Mountain Falls, the Green Box Arts Festival was founded in 2009 to provide artists and visitors an opportunity to nurture the creative process and explore new artistic directions. In the years since, the festival has showcased world-renowned artists and installations such as Tomás Saraceno’s Cloud City, direct from its commission at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On the heels of exhibiting the celebrated Footprint in Green installation by the celebrated Patrick Dougherty, the 2017 Green Box Arts Festival, scheduled for July 1 through July 9, will play host to extraordinary art and artists with outdoor installations, concerts, performances, classes and more! Among the many Festival highlights, attendees will enjoy the expansive outdoor and illuminated work of world-renowned installation artist Bruce Munro, as well as performances by Houston’s METdance, and a 4th of July Block Party featuring Denver’s premiere vintage jazz band, Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles!

Festival Details

Following the 2016 intricate branch work of Patrick Dougherty’s Footprint in Green as well as performances by the Oklahoma City Ballet and New York’s KEIGWIN + COMPANY, the 2017 Green Box Arts Festival, set for July 1 through July 9, will play host to extraordinary art and artists with concerts, performances, classes, and more. Among the many Festival highlights, attendees will enjoy the expansive and illuminated work of world-renowned installation artist Bruce Munro, as well as oerformances from Houston’s METdance and acclaimed swing band Joe
Smith and the Spicy Pickles.

This year at Green Box Arts Festival, the celebrated Bruce Munro will bring his expansive and colorful light sculpture works to the town of Green Mountain Falls. For thirty years Munro has studied the arts and infused influences from music, literature, and science into his installations. Seen all over the world, Munro’s Field of Light installation, to be housed at Flagpole Park, will arrive at Green Box just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its conception. This massive celebration of light and natural landscape will feature 3,000
light stands representing the landscape of the Red Desert in central Australia. Munro’s second Green Box installation, Tepees, only its second time to debut in the United States, will feature interactive light combinations that flash so quickly the naked eye will never see the full tepee lit up. Drawing inspiration from the American west, these large fluorescent light tubes formed into tepees will be featured at Mountain Road Corner.

“Every landscape is different. But here, it’s my first opportunity to create an installation in mountain terrain,” says Bruce Munro. “This area of the Rockies has a protective and intimate feel, very different to the wide open exposed vistas higher up. I hope festival attendees will take a moment and look, watch the landscape and the people. See others’ reactions, smile even. Tepees is an exciting piece. It exists on a different visual plane to Field of Light. It’s hectic, frenetic even. You might even want to dance! I like that people who come to the Green Box Arts Festival will get to see two works that exist on different ends of the sensory experience to one another.”

Festival-goers will also enjoy the contemporary works performed by Houston’s METdance, led by artistic director Marlana Doyle. METdance will have Green Box Arts audiences leaping to their feet with powerhouse performances, dynamic dancing, and alluring stage presence. From comedy and humor to poignant and dramatic, from fierce athleticism to detailed minimalism, METdance brings to Green Mountain Falls its UNITED IN DANCE! performance. Featuring four works assembled by some of the most active and accomplished choreographers of this
generation, UNITED IN DANCE! will take the audience on a thrilling journey filled with poignant emotion, humorous vignettes, and fierce athleticism.

The Green Box Arts Festival is also thrilled to welcome Denver-based jazz and swing band Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles to the much-anticipated Fourth of July Block Party on Tuesday, July 4. Known for its high energy, quality musicianship and an authentic big band sound, Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles’ performances will inspire participants of all ages to get up and dance. Their performance will be preceded by a swing dance class at the Green Box Arts Farm Stand.

Throughout the week participants are invited to participate in five ArtDesk Conversations, a unique opportunity to sit and engage with some of today’s best contemporaries! These dynamic conversations are the best way to hear from the elite in their field and be a fly on the wall as they discuss their creative processes, vision, and impact on their vocation. World-renowned light installation artist Bruce Munro will discuss with art enthusiasts his process and inspiration for his experiential artworks. Celebrated composer Timothy Takach will join Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble’s Deborah Teske to talk about the world-premiere of his new work. METdance’s Marlana Doyle will connect with Green Box Arts Co-Founder, Larry Keigwin, to converse about what’s new in the world of contemporary dance. Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S. will discuss hiswork with animal rights and his recent New York Times bestseller, The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals. And, join some of our youngest budding artists from our first-ever Green Box Arts Camp to hear about their experience and takeaways from their art encounters amid the Aspen trees!

New This Year


 Join ARTs14 and Green Box Arts for a 9-day children’s immersive arts experience in beautiful Green Mountain Falls! In partnership with Manitou Springs Arts Academy and Concrete Couch, the Green Box Arts Camp will work in the natural environment to create mixed age-group art installations, inspired by the Green Box Arts Festival’s 2017 featured installation artist, Bruce Munro, as well as printmaking, sculpture, fiber art, bookmaking, photography, and more! The full schedule of festival events will be posted online June 1 at