Foxworth-Galbraith Serving Community’s Home Improvement Needs

~ by Rick Langenberg ~


Springtime in the high country is a boom time for home improvement fever with residents, builders, ranchers and gardeners gearing up for projects they have considered for months.

Cabin fever has a way of bringing these building ventures to life, whether you are considering a new deck, a house painting job, an accessory structure or addition, a revamped garden, a modern log cabin or a second home.

And probably no better area outlet serves the variety of needs for pursuing these projects than the Foxworth-Galbraith Home Improvement Center in Woodland Park, a mainstay of the building mater

Photo by Cindy Valade

ials industry for many years.  

This year, the Foxworth-Galbraith Company on a national level is celebrating their 116th anniversary, a birthday bash being honored with huge discounts on certain items at their outlets in several states, including the store in Woodland Park. Currently, great deals abound at the WP center for composite decking and for drywall and certain roofing products.

Locally, the center, under the management of Jim Olsen, has represented a remarkable success story, priding itself on great, friendly customer service, an unrivaled line of itinerary with tens of thousands of items to choose from, and nearly 150 years of experience with their veteran staff. The center also offers an ideal referral service, connecting homeowners with a good network of building professionals. In addition, the business is a huge commun
ity player, assisting more than 30 nonprofits and organizations in the area. Their pro-community push has been honored by the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce.

With the resurgence of the building industry across the region and state, the Foxworth-Galbraith Center has found itself even more in a leading spotlight position.

“We are here to help you build your project,” said Olsen, who serves as the general manager of the local Foxworth-Galbraith Woodland Park outlet. The large store serves a variety of customers, ranging from professional contractors and architects, to local home owners and hobby gardeners, to painters and ranchers.

Surviving the Great Recession

That wasn’t always the case for Foxworth-Galbraith. The business focused primarily on serving contractors during a boom period from about 2
000 to 2006. “We just were so busy,” admitted Olsen.

But then came the Great Recession of 2007 and 2008, and the region and their business got clobbered with a 50 percent plunge in activity, with many contractors and builders leaving the industry entirely. In fact, the Teller County area was tagged as the foreclosure capital of Colorado on a per capita basis, a reputation that didn’t help Foxworth-Galbraith’s prospects in Woodland Park. Building and home improvement enhancements nearly came to a standstill.   

“We feel very lucky to be here today,” admitted Olsen, who noted that this period took its toll on their business.  “We went back to our original business model,” he explained.

That approach included serving as key outlet for the top building professionals, but also offering much more retail and hardware opportunities for typical homeowners, who love doing improvement projects or tinkering with their decks and gardens.

Woodland Park’s Foxworth-Galbraith Home Improvement Center now is known as a one-stop shop, where homeowners can really use the business’ expert services and line of itinerary to develop dream projects from start to finish. The business also will do free estimates, if they receive a copy of applicable blueprints.  

The only thing Foxworth-Galbraith won’t due for a homeowner is to actually build the project for them.  

“What we really can offer is great convenience and service,” said Olsen. “Also, our prices are very competitive.”

Plus, they offer free deliveries for purchases of $500 and more and up to 100 miles. In addition, the Foxworth-Galbraith Home Improvement Center prides itself in offering premiere products, such as quality lumber and paint. Many of these products in some building material shops can’t withstand the climate and rigorous weather demands of the Teller high country area. That’s definitely not the case at the Woodland Park store, which has received stellar reviews for their products.  

Not a big box atmosphere

Instead of driving down the Pass and shopping at a variety of store outlets in Colorado Springs or even Denver, the Foxworth-Galbraith Home Improvement Center can fulfill a family’s or future  homeowner’s needs, without having them endure huge headaches.  “We are not a big box store,” stressed Olsen, who believes the big box craze, at least for homeowner and building services, may be winding to a conclusion.

“We are a small, family-oriented business that supports the community,” explained Olsen. Foxworth Galbraith, for example, is a key sponsor of the forthcoming Donkey Basketball tournament, a big fund-raiser for the Lions Club. It sponsors a number of other events in Teller County throughout the year.  

As for the key building challenges facing the local area, Olsen cites a shortage of contractors due to the fallout from the past recession. This was mentioned during a recent 2017 Teller County economic forecast forum. “Our builders are doing everything they can,” said the Foxworth-Galbraith general manager.

But with their referral service, the company can lead customers in the right direction for many building projects.

Olsen sees more of a steady increase in local building activity, instead of the boom/bust scenario that has bombarded the region in recent years.  “The future really looks good for us and for the community,” concluded the Foxworth-Galbraith general manager.

The Foxworth-Galbraith Home Improvement Center is located at 300 S. Chestnut Street in Woodland Park. For more information, call them at 719-687-9205.