A Lesson in Paying Attention:

Sometimes There’s Syrup

~ by Amanda Enloe ~

Early one afternoon my son Gavin asked me, out of the blue, what my best and most secret recipe was. If I am being transparent, I’m not the best cook, unless you like everything crispy and sort of Cajun-style, including your pancakes..  But at this exact moment that  he made the request, admittedly, I was distracted with something else, and  so I just shrugged and said I didn’t really have one.

A few weeks have now gone by and I’m in Gavin’s classroom as the kids are presenting a ‘surprise’ to all the parents. Well wouldn’t you know,  it’s a cookbook filled with all the mom’s best and most secret recipes AND it’s adorned with a cute photo of the mom, just so she can be aligned and identified with her submission.

With the most unique sense of dread I’ve ever experienced, I open up to Gavin’s page which, of course, is smack dab in the middle of all of these very exquisite and intricate recipes provided by the other moms (the good moms that paid attention to their child). And Gavin’s reads:


“Eggo Waffles

1) You put them in the toaster

2) Sometimes there’s syrup. ”