Move Over Operation Turns into Major Success Story

~ by  Mark Morlock ~

A total of twenty-six law enforcement agencies from around the state, including the Teller County Sheriff’s Office, joined together on February 16 to enforce the “Move Over” law and educate drivers of its importance. 

Today, we report the following stats as a follow up to the efforts from February 16th:

 Total stops: 909

“Move Over” Violations: 585 (194 citations / 391 warnings)

Driving while under the Influence of drugs arrest: 1

 This was the third iteration of “Operation 1 Charlie 3,” named in honor of Colorado State Trooper Cody Donahue who was killed when a driver failed to move over, striking the trooper.  We are seeing that our efforts are making a difference.  One report indicated that during the first enforcement campaign in December, approximately 70% of the drivers were not moving over.  Last week, the report indicated that the number had dropped to approximately 30 percent.

 Two more “Move Over” operations are scheduled in the near future; one in March and another in April.  Additionally, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office recently applied for a state grant to conduct seat belt enforcement during scheduled statewide enforcement periods.  Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office presently conduct grant funded, special enforcement details for DUI enforcement. 

Last year, thirty drivers were arrested by Teller County Sheriff’s deputies for Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during these special enforcement details.