Permanent Town Boss  Update

While the position of marshal has eluded town leaders, officials are moving swiftly ahead with plans to hire a new permanent town manager/clerk. This effort is fueled by a grant the town received by the state Department of Local Affairs, which will subsidize the salary partially over the next several years.

According to Pick, interviews were held with several top contenders for the position last week. He expects the town will have a new full-time manger on board by early April. The salary for this position is slated at approximately $60,000 a year initially.

The new head town boss will face a tall list of marching orders. Some of the top plans for this year include completing a new comprehensive plan, evaluating GMF’s technology/ communications situation, analyzing its web site and social media functions, finalizing plans for the lake enhancement project, evaluating local committees and updating ordinances and codes. The person also will be in charge of overseeing a small cadre of full-time and seasonal employees. Pick, who has assumed the role as an interim town manager under a state contract for close to $50,000 for six months, declined to compete for the permanent role.