Fresh Sushi at Venture Foods in Divide

~ By Catherine Mahrholz ~ Photos by Cindy Valade

Are you one of the growing number of Americans who have discovered the delicious and healthy culinary delight that originated in Japan known as Sushi?  It is a culinary creation from Japan and in recent years has gained popularity around the world. Known primarily for the use of raw fish as an ingredient in Sushi, it should be noted that when properly prepared using fresh ingredients, it is delicious.   

Freshly made Sushi is now available at La Gree’s Venture Foods in Divide!  These are prepared by experienced Sushi Chef, Lannie Conn.  There are six different types to choose from including Spicy Tuna Roll and California Roll.  Prices are very reasonable ranging from $4.50 to $5.50 for an eight piece selection to take home. Conn gained years of experience at a number of locations, including Universal Studios in Orlando, Loew’s Royal Pacific and Benihanas, a well known top notch Asian style restaurant. 

To those of you not familiar with Sushi, tuna is the primary type of fish used and it should be noted that since it is a deep ocean fish, the flavor is fresh and clean and the texture is tender.  California Roll is created from cooked Kanikama crab and avocado.  The other main ingredient in Sushi is short grain rice.  Each order also includes the traditional pickled ginger and spicy green Wasabi mustard. Deli and Bakery manager Donna Hinman added that the “grab n’ go” deli at Venture Foods in Divide also features fresh Boar’s Head sandwiches, salads and numerous goodies from their in store bakery including pies and other bakery delights. The emphasis at the Deli, Hinman says, is on reasonably priced freshly made food for customers to take home and enjoy.