Opening the Creek Up to ATVs

by Rick Langenberg:

In another big issue facing the community this year, DuBois said the town may revisit current bans against ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) traveling on local thoroughfare. 

He said interest has been expressed in opening travel between Cripple Creek and Victor, via ATVs, as long as they obey traffic rules. “It creates a link between here and Victor,” said DuBois. The city administrator also cited this as a boon for recreation in the area.

DuBois, who previously lived in Craig, Colorado, where such a ban was eliminated, didn’t see a potential problem in allowing ATV drivers to travel along main local thoroughfares. “You are not going to see them much,” said the city administrator.

 The idea of lessening the restrictions for ATVs on local roads was heavily endorsed last week by local businessman John Freeman. He said ending this ban would make it so  much easier for ATV buffs in trying to access trail areas.

Cripple Creek Police Chief Mike Rulo didn’t see any problems with changing the current prohibitions against ATVs, as long as drivers of these vehicles abide by the same rules as other motorists.