The 51st Annual Harry’s Roamers Ice Races Kickoff – Bob Volpe

Last Sunday marked the 1st race of the season for Harry’s Roamers Ice Races at Rainbow Falls, north of Woodland Park.

This is the 51st year the race has taken place. Upwards of 175-225 racers were expected to participate in the event this year and judging by the crowd size the number was probably closer to 225.

Racers compete on an oval race track on one of Rainbow Fall’s small lakes. Days before the event the track is plowed to remove the insulating layer of snow in order to allow the ice to harden as much as possible.

This year several new classes were added bringing the total to 30 individual classes.

In addition to adding new classes, this year’s event features electronic timing for more accurate race times. Transponders are mounted on the vehicles and overhead rig receives the signal as riders pass under it at the finish line.

Classes are divided into bare tire and studded tire motorcycles and quads. The bare tire classes do 5 laps around the track and the studded tire class riders do 7 laps.

Winners of the youth and amateur classes take home a trophy. The pro class winners get a cash prize. Prize money is determined by the number of riders who pay their registration fee. Pro riders pay a $40 dollar registration fee, and amateurs pay $30 to register. Mini bike riders, which are the young boys and girls, pay $15 to register. The cash prize is generally in the neighborhood of $100-$150 dollars.

These racers aren’t in for the money. They do it for the sheer thrill of the race.

Dave Beck, who now lives in New Mexico, has been doing the race for years. He recently came down with cancer and was sidelined for a while, but luckily for him, his cancer went into remission and he was expected to make the trip to race, according to one of the race organizers, Thomas Flint.

This season there will be 5 races. There will be a race a week each Sunday through January and 1 race on Feburary 12th. A rain date in case of a weather cancellation of one of the schedule races in set for February 19th should it be necessary.

Sign up to race is from 6:00 am – 8:00 am on race day. Practice begins at 7:30 and the races start at 9:00 am

There is a $10 fee for riders and for spectators who wish to come out to see the races. Children under 12 are admitted free and must be accompanied by an adult.

No alcohol or drugs are allowed on Rainbow Falls property

For more information about the ice races email Thomas Flint at: