Woodland Park Gearing up for Final Push in Bid for National Recognition Voting for $500,000 Grant to Start Soon

Woodland Park is one of eight communities nationwide selected out of 14,000 for consideration in the Small Business Revolution opportunity from Deluxe Corporation.

“Woodland Park is that special small town that can maximize the $500,000 boost for our small businesses and downtown area,” said Mayor Neil Levy.

Deluxe’s Amanda Brinkman and the Flow Nonfiction film crew visited Woodland Park on November 29 to visit with the downtown businesses and community volunteers. “Small towns make America great,” Brinkman said.

Following similar visits to the other communities on the short list, Deluxe will announce the finalists on February 9.

“This is where the real work begins,” explained Main Street Coordinator Darlene Jensen. The final winning community will be selected via on-line voting by the public. “When the announcement is made, we need to have all of our citizens, families, and friends join in the voting effort to ensure Woodland Park is the top vote getter.”

There is only one week to vote, from February 9–16, 2017. Last year the winning community registered nearly 100,000 votes. Please visit during February 9-16th: http://www.smallbusinessrevolution.org to vote.

“Our energy right now is focused on getting the information out to let everyone know what to expect when the voting begins,” Jensen described. “Details on how to vote, when to vote, and information on the Small Business Revolution can be found on the web at www.wpmainstreet.org, or call me directly at 719-687-5231.”

Jensen encourages sharing this information. “Please share with your friends, family, professional organizations, Christmas card list, High School alumni association. You get the idea,” she said. “And yes, anyone you know in and outside Colorado. This is a national even global vote.”

Once the winner is picked, the team will then film the next season of Small Business Revolution inside the winning town detailing the projects that will get completed with the grant money.

Everyone is encouraged to post pictures and videos of Woodland Park on their social media pages under the hashtag #mywoodlandpark in order to help the town’s chance of winning the $500,000 grant.