Woodland Park Hoopster Teams Jumping High from the Gates Both Boy and Girls’ Teams Reeling off Wins in Impressive Fashion – Mac McClintock

Is the Woodland Park boys’ winning basketball for real, and really this good?

That’s the question that has puzzled sports buffs this winter and turned skeptics into believers throughout the area.

Well, start believing, as the WP boy hoopsters actually might be really, really good. They continued to prove this, time and time again. For a team that had only won one game over the past two years, this season has been absolutely remarkable. Woodland Park continued this trend last week, in a game against Prospect Ridge Academy, a team that has struggled. The Panthers made their b-ball woes even worse, by absolutely blasting them.

At halftime the score was 32-12. This lead was built on the back of sophomore Skye Ciccarelli’s three-point shooting. Woodland Park, unlike the game against Littleton, did not let the Miners back into the game. Woodland Park won by a convincing 72-33 walloping.

That margin of victory was the largest Woodland Park has had since at least 2005. The Panthers are now 5-2 in their out of league schedule. This is an impressive record, but there might be a little reason for skepticism. The combined record of the teams they have played so far is 17-30.

This suggests that maybe Woodland Park has been beating a lot of lesser opponents. At the same time though, it is impressive that the Panthers are able to win the games that they are supposed to. It is very hard to tell if Woodland Park will continue to win b-ball games in this convincing fashion, as they must deal with competitive league games in 2017. Regardless of the fact t they have played teams which aren’t that great, this season has reached the highest success level of the WP basketbal program for decades.

Lady Panther Hoopsters Looking Strong

On the girls’ side of the ball, they have played two less games than the boys. Still, they have been somewhat interesting to say the least.

The team did start out 2-0, but then lost their next two games. In both of those games, the Woodland Park Panther ladies fell behind early, then rallied back and made the game close. The last game that this team was scheduled to play before winter break was a league road game against Mitchell.

This created several challenges for a team. First off, it was during finals week and several of the players would have to find a way to take their fourth period final early or at a later time.

The other problem involved having a league game before break, which creates a a little peculiar situation. The majority of the team’s league games are usually scheduled for January and February.

In any case, the girls’ b-ball team had to find a way to deal with these adverse circumstances.

Woodland Park once again fell behind early in the first quarter 17-11. A solid second quarter made the game close at halftime, with a 24-22 score in favor of Mitchell.

The lady Panthers would come out in the second half on fire. They would out score Mitchell 21-6 in the quarter and easily put the game away. The final score was 49-36 in favor of the Panthers.

The impressive comeback was spearheaded by Mackenzie Porter’s stellar game, in which she scored 19 points and also had 10 rebounds. This gave her impressive stats for the game.

The lady Panthers are now 3-2 and have already surpassed their win total from last year, which stood at only two victories. Obviously, like the boys team, they have a lot left to prove. But unlike many years before, the Woodland Park lady Panthers are riding high on hope, and that is an amazing factor.