Journey wins fan vote in rock and roll hall of fame poll Deadline looming for TMJ Contest and Ticket to Stardom- Rick Langenberg

Don’t Stop Believin’ may become the new motto of rock fans across the country.
But will Rock and Roll Hall of Fame insiders sing to the same tune and abide by the vote of the people. Will the Hall induction ceremony witness a reunion of former singer Steve Perry with his old band mates? Will the Hall end its several decade jinx of axing progressive rock acts?
These questions and more will be answered this week, as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is expected to announce its five or six finalists for the class of 2017 out of a list of 19 nominees. The final decision is made by 600 or so insiders, former performers and music experts. The inductee ceremony is quite an elaborate affair.
The popular rock band Journey, known for their big arena shows in the 1980s and the famous theme song, Don’t Stop Believin,’ led the pack in the public fan vote during the annual Rock and Roll on-line vote that ended on Dec. .15, garnering more than 1 million tallies. Journey snagged 250,758 votes, edging past nominee rivals Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, Pearl Jam and The Cars. All five will receive an official ballot vote, based on a new process that awards top nominees picked by the fans. The tallies were actually pretty close among the top five.
All five of these performing acts have a strong social media presence. Journey was the top vote-getter from the beginning of the contest.
If current trends prevail, Journey will likely become an inductee for the 2017 class. For the last several years, the top vote-getter in the fan poll has gotten the nod as a nominee. However, the same luxury hasn’t occurred for other top finishers in the fan contest, raising questions about the legitimacy of the voting process
If you want to participate in a contest organized by TMJ, pick your top five favorites and e-mail them to, with a brief explanation for your final selections immediately. You can win a special prize and get a chance to become a music and entertainment reviewer for our acclaimed publication.
Here are a few hints, in case you are shy about participating: Based on media reports, the top two favorites are Pearl Jam and Tupac Shakur. They are considered shoo-ins. Well, that’s what most journalists are saying, and we know how well they picked the winners of the presidential election.
And if Journey is picked due to winning the fan vote (In other words, they will become last year’s Chicago), a stiff competition could occur for the remaining two or three spots. Some writers, who opt for folk history, may go for Joan Baez, as pressure has been building for the Hall to select more women inductees. Meanwhile, a prevalent contender could be ELO, or maybe Janet Jackson. Recently, much momentum also has been building for the J.Geils Band, according to predictions in the Cleveland media that help promote the Hall of Fame located in Cleveland.
If six finalists are chosen, then Yes, the prog-rock ambassadors from the 1970, have an outside chance. That’s my opinion. Otherwise, they will have to wait another year and the Hall’s anti-progressive rock stigma will continue and Yes fans may just ransack the Hall of Fame headquarters for the sake of musical justice.
Ironically, Yes may become the most entertaining choice, if selected, as currently a huge rivalry exists between two rivaling versions of the band. Both Yes-Head groups actually played last summer and fall in Denver before fairly enthusiastic crowds. Maybe that’s why they do so well in the fan vote very year. There is nothing like a good-hearted rock and roll feud among friends.
Besides the top five fan favorites listed above, the other Hall of Fame nominees are Bad Brains, Chaka Kahn, Chic, Depeche Mode, the J. Geils Band, Jane’s Addiction, Janet Jackson, Joan Baez, Joe Tex, Kraftwerk, MC5, Steppenwolf, Tupac Shakur and the Zombies.
The induction ceremony will take place in April at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Full details on the event will be announced along with the names of the inductees this week.