Lane Mitchell Offers a Prime Yuletide Jewelry Experience Rick Langenberg


With the clock ticking until Santa’s grand arrival later this month, a stop at the extremely convenient and sole full-service jewelry store in the Ute Pass area is a prime opportunity for Christmas shopping, without dealing with the hassles of mall traffic and other Yuletide disasters.

The Lane Mitchell Jewelers hub in downtown Manitou Springs (at 737 Manitou Avenue) is an ideal place for doing much of your holiday purchases, and enjoying a comfortable hangout in the process and conversing with their friendly employees and greeting the store’s personable canines.

In addition, the store abounds with some great deals and give-away packages. Better yet, a shopping trip at Lane Mitchell is fun, whether you purchase any items or not. The store features vintage jewelry that dates back to the 1880s and offers great selections of gold and silver and custom design gems.

More importantly, the store, a business anchor in Manitou Springs for close to a decade, prides itself in offering unprecedented and friendly customer service. “We value our relations with our customers,” said L’Aura Montgomery Williams, the manager and co-owner of the Manitou store and the wife of Lane Mitchell Williams, the founder of the business. “We want to help them find the perfect gift. Buying jewelry is such an emotional experience. We help create special moments and lasting memories.”

And unlike other jewelry outlets in malls or larger areas, the Lane Mitchell store in Manitou Springs features extremely personal service, with an experienced staff, boasting of nearly 100 years collectively in the business. “We are not pushy. We are easy to get along with and are very casual,” added the store manager.

And whether a person purchases a jewelry item or not, he/she will undoubtedly have an enjoyable experience at Lane’s Manitou location, situated in the historic downtown area, only minutes away from many local residents. It is the first full-service jewelry store down the Pass. “The holidays can be so stressful. This is a good place to come and relax,” explained L’Aura.

And if jewelry is not your thing and you are just accompanying your spouse or friend, fret not. The Lane Mitchell “man’s chair” has become an infamous tradition. In addition, the store bustles with several canine mascots to create an ultra-friendly atmosphere and to offer a little encouragement. “We are not stiff here, admitted L’Aura. “We are dog friendly.”

Plus, a Lane Mitchell stop can serve as the starting point for the Manitou Springs Yuletide Christmas shopping experience, with its plethora of art galleries and shops and regular events. The store staff is strongly involved with the Manitou Springs community and the town’s various cultural and economic pursuits. As a result, Lane Mitchell is a prime spot to gain a little insight regarding the Manitou Springs’ shopping highlights.

“We are ‘Manitouians,’” quipped L’Aura. She says her staff can almost play the role as area tour guides. Both L’Aura and her husband also have been involved in pursuits to improve the Rainbow Falls area and in other community projects.

Special Offerings at Lane Mitchell Jewelers
For this Christmas season, the Manitou store is offering great deals on diamond stud earrings, along with ring sizing.

“Every woman loves a diamond stud earring,” admitted L’Aura Montgomery Williams. She cites this as an ideal gift for male shoppers, with a wide variety to choose from. For stocking stuffers, the store even features extremely affordable sterling silver pieces. They also feature a great selection of necklaces at competitive prices.

Also, the store does monthly give-away packages and special table displays, with some amazing deals and discounts.

The Lane Mitchell store certainly isn’t lacking in variety. It showcases a diverse collection, including custom jewelry, vintage and modern displays, engagement rings and Native American Indian masterpieces, such as “Old Pawn” jewelry. Lane Mitchell also prides itself in combining old-school personal service with new technologies for repairs and various nuances associated with state-of-the-art jewelry-making.

“We view jewelry as art, said L’Aura. The founder of the business, Lane Mitchell Williams, has gained a reputation as one of the top jewelers in the business and sports more than 40 years of experience. “Lane can make a jewelry piece from just about any image. He is absolutely amazing. He has such a passion for jewelry-making,” said L’Aura. “It is his art.”

Some of the more unique pieces at the Manitou store are the vintage items, stemming from the 1880s to the 1960s.”Every one of these vintage jewelry items has an important story to tell,” said the store manager.

Lane Mitchell Jewelers also offers a quality website at L’Aura Montgomery Williams suggests checking out their website for special items and encourages customers to visit the store in person.

“You really need to touch the jewelry and feel it in person,” said L’Aura.

For more information about the Lane Mitchell Jewelers store in Manitou Springs, call 719-685-2441.