Oh The Trauma


“…arguing that our endurance as a democratic republic is tied to the Electoral College would be tantamount to having claimed in 1915 that our stability was dependent on continuing to deny women the right to vote and to have state legislatures select U.S. Senators.” Rob Richie, Executive Director, FairVote – The Center for Voting & Democracy
“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” John Adams
Well so many people were shocked by the election. I was too. But I can’t say I am totally unhappy. While I could think of several reasons not to vote for Trump. I could not come up with one good reason to vote for Hillary. I had to laugh when one of Hillary’s campaign comments was “Don’t you eventually want to see a woman president?” I would say yes, to say, Condaleezza Rice. Hillary, uhm, no.
I love it when people just insist that our system of government is democratic, or should be, in any way, shape or form. There has never been a successful democracy that didn’t destroy itself. All I can say about the preceding quote is, Sorry Rob, go read the constitution again. Unfortunately, republics are subject to the same demise when they adopt progressive principles. Rome being a prime example of when it collapsed under the weight of having to provide too much bread and too many circuses. Today we need to ease the number of people put on the everything free wagon.
I watch the protests, some violent, most divisive, all engaging in some sort of civil disobedience and remember that the kids were not trained in civics or the constitution. I have no problem with peaceable assemblage of the people as guaranteed by the First Amendment, but to disrupt other’s lives because I didn’t get my way, well, I don’t mind being civil, even to those who don’t agree with me. Had Hillary won I wouldn’t have pretested, I would have gotten up and went on with my life. Unhappy because of the course our country would be on, but I would have gone on preparing for the ultimate failure of our society.
So, the trauma of the election has devastated so many millennials and institutions of higher learning that it has probably cost us millions of dollars to treat the poor, angered, low information democrat. If it ever comes to the U.S. getting into a serious war again like WW2 we may be doomed as there will be too few with the mental toughness to handle a real war.
While I remain cautiously optimistic about Donald Trump, I am not so sure my optimism isn’t waning due to some of his appointments and softening on socialized health care. But life does go on and the sun still rises in the east even with some of our celebrities wanting to leave.
So even after the election it remains to be seen whether the Donald will keep his campaign promises. One of the things that struck me funny was how quickly FBI Director James Comey managed to get through over six hundred thousand emails. I think Comey closed the “investigation” so quickly is because there were so many politicians implicated, that our government would have collapsed had everyone been indicted.
Now watching Rahm Emmanuel and Bill de Blasio gyrate and throw temper tantrums about being sanctuary cities gives me some sense of satisfaction that maybe someone will be required to follow the law. It would be terrible if those cities lost their federal funding provided for the enforcement of immigration was taken away from those cities for failure to enforce immigration law. Being a republic, or a nation of law, it is the glue that makes us all the same. That we should all follow the same law. Be careful, there is a difference between regulations and law. Hey Rahm! Hey Bill! Can I have some of that latitude and just pick and choose what laws I will obey or disobey?
The pundits, such as Geraldo Rivera, blaming the election going the way it did was caused by the excessive number of white rural voters coming out for Trump. Trump actually increased the black vote by seven percent and the Hispanic vote by eight percent. But we can’t be one hundred for sure because that was gleaned through exit polls. What everyone found out this time around is that the polls lie. I’m not so sure that the polls aren’t use for manipulative purposes. Many people will swing with whoever it looks like will be the winner.
Here in Colorado we dodged a few nefarious items such as Colorado Care and an additional tax on tobacco. Thank goodness Colorado Care didn’t go through. That would have wreaked havoc upon the economy to say the very least. It’s bad enough that the minimum wage law was passed. The consumer will pick up the tab and businesses will suffer. The only one that will win in the end on the new minimum wage will be the government, sort of. Most items that businesses are taxed on is by percentage. For instance FICA which is at the rate of around fifteen percent half paid by the employee and half paid by the employer, will go up and the consumer will have to bear the brunt. Unemployment insurance based on how big payroll is will go up, again, that will be paid by the consumer. I am pretty sure that those who the minimum wage was designed to protect will find themselves in worse shape because there will be inflation. Maybe Woodland Park will be in better shape because prices will go up in Woodland Park and add to the tax base so there will be some more money to throw in the deep end of the Aquatic Center. Problem is there is only so much money and the purchasing power will drop for many and we may see it as a wash and there won’t be an increase in the tax base as people try and decide which necessities to buy and which luxuries to forego as their purses buy less than it did before. I wonder if the military will receive Cost of Living Allowance to help them get by in Colorado.
Another item I was happy to see was that term limits were kept in place in Teller County. I couldn’t imagine continuing with some of our current politicians still in place. Many of us have heard the old moniker politicians and diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason.
I am only slightly amazed that Ken Ellison would be considered to be the new chair of the Democratic National Congress. A black, democratic muslim would be the perfect person to lead the DNC.
I don’t know where this country is going. I don’t know if everything will go to hell in a hand basket. Will the disgruntled dems revolt against the deplorables from the Trump campaign and cause a revolution? It might be, but one of my detractors made it perfectly clear that this would not be an option because the Federal government holds such might in our military and any such rebellion from any side would be crushed. I just shake my head and wonder why all that technology and might isn’t exactly working against a fourth world force like Afghanistan. Then, knowing what I know, I wonder how that would work here in America against a technically savvy people if things went stupid. But let me say that no one in their right mind would enjoy that kind of trauma. I always wonder why civil wars are called civil wars…..because wars are anything but civil. This is especially true for a “civil” war. I hope Trump manages to pull the pieces back together in the aftermath of the great divider. Good Job Obama, and