Cripple Creek Planning for New Disc Golf course and Adventure Park Hub – Rick Langenberg


Move over Woodland Park when it comes to bragging rights for hosting a championship-level 18-hole disc golf course for Frisbee buffs.
In fact, pending competition is brewing from the little gaming community up the hill, a place not exactly known for outdoor recreational splendor. Times, though, may be changing in southern Teller.
With a little funding luck, the city of Cripple Creek may land a major Great Outdoors Colorado grant for a new adventure park, featuring an 18-hole disc golf course, a 5K running track, an adventure playground, an expanded BMX facility, tubing and sledding areas and much more. Altogether, the project, located at the southwest corner of town, will pump several hundred thousand dollars into an outdoor recreational hub unrivaled in the area.
Last week, the Cripple Creek City Council gave the thumbs-up for the grant request for the Mountain View Adventure Park, which will require a substantial match from the city coffers. By a unanimous vote, the council passed a resolution supporting the Mountain View Adventure Park project. With this resolution, the city agreed to complete the project, provide reasonable public access to the new adventure park and maintain the facility.
Cripple Creek Parks and Recreation Director Connie Dodrill cited the grant as a good deal for local residents and the community. She believes the town has a got good chance to land the grant that must be submitted to the state by mid-November.
The only concerns raised by the council last week dealt with potential liabilities if someone gets hurt at the proposed adventure park.
However, city attorney Lee Phillips didn’t see this as a big issue, courtesy of the government immunity law, and suggested that the town review its insurance coverage.
The Mountain View Adventure Park could become a big recreational bonus for Cripple Creek, and part of a growing effort for the community to shake off its gaming-only stigma.
But it still must overcome a rocky recreational past, when it comes to completing previously planned parks projects.
For some time, the parks and recreation department has tried to expand its current Henry Hack facility downtown, but has gotten stifled by changing plans by city officials. On several occasions in the last decade, town leaders retreated from funding plans for expanding its current park and recreation facility, even with a substantial donation from the CC&V mining company. These occurred due to concerns over the economy and due to conflicting projects.
However, the outdoor adventure park has much more potential than other expansions mulled by the CC parks and recreation agency, according to city officials. Plus, the city can use some funds it previously received from the CC&V mine for recreational purposes.
That’s good news for southern Teller residents.
Disc golf, one of the prime new potential assets of the Mountain View Adventure Park, is a growing sport and has experienced a strong showing locally at Woodland Park’s Shining Mountain golf course. In the last year, Shining Mountain has kicked off a disc golf layout at sections of the regular course. This activity has received an amazingly good reception, with some tournaments sporting some of the best disc golfers in the state.
The only downside, according to some reports, is that the disc golf layout at Shining Mountain is quite difficult.
Besides a disc golf course, Cripple Creek’s new adventure park will feature a variety of amenities and further boost the town’s image as a growing outdoor paradise. The town has developed a good trail system with the Gold Camp Trail.
Mine to Mine Running Race Eliminated?
In other Cripple Creek news, Steve Kitzman, the director of the city’s marketing and special events department, announced that the recent Zombie Scavenger Hunt on Oct. 22 was a huge success. He said the event garnered great support from local non-gaming businesses and by the casinos. “We had great participation by the casinos and the stores,” said Kitzman.
And from a revenue standpoint, he reported that the one-day festival actually made money.
As for future events, he also stated that the Colorado Craft Distillery Tasting event, originally scheduled for Nov. 12, has been pushed back until Dec 3 to accommodate some of the top distilleries.
For the upcoming events schedule for 2017, the Mine to Mine running race, held every fall, could become the first major casualty. This event, which featured 50 fewer competitors in 2016, has received the preliminary axe. “We will probably cut that event,” announced Kitzman at last week’s council meeting. The Mine to Mine competition involved a running race between the Heritage Center and Mollie Kathleen Mine area and the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company.
It was regarded as a rather unique event for Cripple Creek, but the competition got an extremely cold response by the city council during a recent budget workshop on events and marketing. Kitzman said the event didn’t have as many participants this year due to the elimination of a race director from one of the main running groups in Colorado Springs that participated.
The big unknown for major festivals in Cripple Creek hinges on the future of the Salute to American Veterans Rally and motorcycle ride. A previous scheduled public workshop on the rally was cancelled recently.
Instead, rally promoters Jim and Pam Wear of ProPromotions, met with the city council behind closed doors on Nov. 2. The rally’s future could be the subject of a budget session scheduled for Nov. 9. At issue is a proposed 60 percent reduction in the city’s sponsorship level for the event in 2017.