Rogue Whirlwind Damages Vehicles and Carport -Robert Volpe







A few hours ago a small but strong micro-burst lifted a large aluminum carport at Pikes Peak Auto Body on Lorraine Ave. sending it careening onto power lines and smashing into a parked car.

The carport was anchored with 18” metal rebar into the asphalt lot, yet the swirling wind lifted it into the air.

Tom Murray, an employee of Pikes Peak Auto body saw the whole thing. He said, “ I was working when I saw the rack that holds bumpers started rolling across the lot. Next thing I knew the carport lifted up and landed on the power lines. It hung there for about 10 minutes then came crashing down on that parked car. One of the bumpers on my rack flew about 250 feet and ended up sitting in the middle of Lorraine Ave.”

The power lines were so stressed under the weight of the carport it snapped a power pole in half about 4 feet from the top of the pole.

Crews from IREA arrived quickly and made safe the electricity and went about boring a new hole to replace the pole that was snapped off.

Power was out in the neighborhood for about two hours.

Wade Holder, owner of My Free Water, next door to the auto body shop said, “We had the door open because it was such a nice day. Next thing I knew I head the carport crashing down into our parking lot. The pressure change was so intense from the micro-burst the access door to our attic blew open.”

Dee Lynn whose car was damaged by the carport was at My Free Water Store visiting her mother who works there. She was on the phone to her insurance company after the incident.

Lance from Pikes Peak Auto Body came down and told Dee that they would supply her with a free rental car until her car could be repaired.

The power supply lines to Big D Recreation on Lorraine Ave was yanked right off of the building as well.

One rental car was also received minor damage at Pikes Peak Auto Body.