Woodland Hardware Has The Stuff To Get The Stink Out – Robert Volpe


There is a new line of products out that eliminates odors on people, pets, and all surfaces. One of these products can eliminate odors in your whole house in one step. Luckily for Woodland Park residents, Woodland Hardware is the exclusive retail distributor of this product in the state.

ODORXIT gets rid of musky, animal odor, smoke, and even skunk.

OdorXit uses state of the art science to eliminate odors at the source. Through a three part chemical process OdorXit pairs with many odors to neutralize them, physically penetrates the odor causing substance and converts them to other non odor causing byproducts, and it binds physically to the odor changing them forever into non odor causing substances.

OdorXit is nontoxic, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, non-staining, and biodegradable and can be applied directly to skin and fur.

If you or your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, bath in a normal fashion, then mix 1 oz. of OdorXit concentrate with warm water and apply with a wash cloth or sponge. Wait 5 minutes rinse with warm water and dry.

It’s a great product for pet owners, rental property owners and management, carpet cleaners, home owners, fishermen, animal groomers, and anyone who has odor issues in their personal or business life.

OdorXit comes in three forms for different applications.

The first is called OdorXit concentrate. It is made to dilute 1 oz. of OdorXit to 30 oz.’s of water. The concentrate comes in 3 sizes: 4 oz., 16 oz., and 64 oz. bottles. The 4 oz. bottle will make a gallon when mixed with water.

The second is Magic by OdorXit, which comes in a spray bottle. It comes in four size bottles 10 ml. for purse or glove box, a 2 oz, 8 oz, and a 64 oz. bottle can be used to refill your smaller bottles.

The third is called AQM/ClO2, or AIR QUALITY MANAGER/CHLORINE DIOXIDE. This one is like a bomb for the whole house. It uses sodium chloride and water vapor to produce Chlorine Dioxide, an extremely effective oxidizing gas. It can be set up to be a time released odor eliminator for up to 30 days and is available in 10 and 25 gram packets. They will safely oxidize an area 100 cubic feet per gram. They leave no residual matter and don’t harm furniture, people, or pets when used as directed.

OdorXit is backed by a 100% money guarantee. There are a few odor issues that OdorXit will not guarantee, but they are available for free consultations on any odor issue including those they do not guarantee, through their web site www.odorxit.com.

Remember, Woodland Hardware is the only retail distributor of OdorXit in the whole state.