Dear Editor,

It is exceedingly hard to imagine how anyone could get anything worthwhile out of the latest Eli Stone column. Even to call it a column is a stretch of what one is supposed to be. While near the beginning he claims how essential the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are to the patriotic education of our children, he then puts together a mishmash of quotes from the Federalist Papers, anti-Federalist Papers, and the Articles of Confederation, with his own many additions in brackets, that make no logical sense whatsoever, or even any points even worth momentarily considering. There are very good reasons for why those “papers and articles” did not become the Constitution, and were not incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. It would appear (though even this is not clear) that what Stone would prefer is no federal government whatsoever, and to be left alone to do whatever he damn well chooses to do whenever and wherever he likes and wishes. He wouldn’t even have that opportunity without the nation we are. What the rest of us would like is to be spared his irrational, unreasonable, “unleashed” ramblings of nonsense in a newspaper unworthy of publishing this drivel. Yeah, I’m sick and tired of this and highly frustrated with it, and I’m being harshly judgmental of his writing and “ideas”, but I’m willing to stand by it and be judged in the same way on the ideas and issues.

Rodney Noel Saunders
United Methodist Pastor, Retired