Green Mountain Falls’ Political Challengers Win Big Voters Reject Current Leadership Guard- Rick Langenberg


In a big victory for a group of challengers who campaigned against the current leadership regime in Green Mountain Falls, Jane Newberry unseated incumbent Mayor Lorrie Worthey, who was seeking her third consecutive term.

Newberry, a budget manager for Colorado College Athletics and a former trustee and mayor pro tem, won the heavily contested mayoral GMF race Tuesday night by a 148 to 125 margin.

With this April 5 election verdict, the leadership reign of Worthey, one of the town’s more high profile mayors in recent years, will screech to a halt, and Newberry will regain a familiar seat on the GMF leadership table.

Also, GMF voters picked Cameron Thorne, Tyler Stevens and David Pearlman as the winning trustees among a competitive slate of six candidates. Out of the victorious trustees, Stevens, the current mayor pro tem, is the only incumbent in a race that pitted a cadre of challengers against the GMF leadership guard. The challengers formed a group that called itself, “Smoother Roads Ahead for GMF.” The group highlighted a number of key issues of concerns, such as roads, parks and fiscal accountability. They campaigned on the same themes and posted huge, visible signs around town. For the most part, this group of candidates maintained that they could do a better job in managing the town than the current incumbent leaders.

Just falling short of the winning circle was long-time resident and trails committee chairman Dick Bratton, who campaigned with Worthey and the other incumbent candidates.

Surprisingly, the election results represented a 180-degree turn from two years ago, when Worthey and a reform-based slate beat a group of previous leaders. Newberry actually lost to Worthey in the 2014 election.

However, the last two years has posed many challenges for the current board of trustees, as the town was rocked by much employee turnover and a spree of regulatory changes. The town lost its entire public works and road maintenance crew, shortly after the 2014 election, along with long-time clerk and treasurer Chris Frandina.

It’s still unclear what changes will occur for GMF with the changing political dynamics. One question mark surrounds the future of the marshal’s office in GMF, with the newly-elected leaders having a questionable relationship with Police Chief Tim Bradley. Also, the Smoother Roads group has wanted to make big improvements in road maintenance in GMF.

GMF Election Results

Jane Newberry – 148
Lorrie Worthey – 125

Cameron Thorne – 142
Tyler Stevens – 139
David Pearlman – 133
Dick Bratton – 130
Erin Kowal – 122
Barbara Gardiner – 109