Cat’s Corner – Christmas 2015


Christmas traditions vary from family to family, from culture to culture. For some, the religious connection to the holiday is of paramount importance. World peace is another frequently promoted association with this time of year.

For my family, when I was growing up, Christmas was the one time of the year that my father, an exploration geologist, was sure to be home.

My childhood memories of Christmas are dominated by the happy expectation that our little family of four, my mom, my dad and my brother and I would be together. Just to spend time as a family, sharing meals and family activities was the most important aspect of Christmas for me.

Here in the Pikes Peak region, there are a number of unique family friendly activities that can provide memories to last a lifetime.

The North Pole

The North Pole, a Christmas themed amusement park located on the Pikes Peak Highway in Cascade has something that will appeal to everyone.
Meet Santa Claus and his elves. Enjoy the unique Christmas Tree Ride, swing through the sky on the Enterprise Space Shuttle, and enjoy a whimsical ride on the Antique Carousel.
You can fly through the sky on an Aerial Tram or stay on the ground with the Miniature Train.
There are more than two dozen family-friendly rides. Spend time feeding our goats and llamas, or watch the magic show. Browse the quaint village shops stocked with unique gifts, perfect for holiday shopping.
Visit their website at or call 719-684-9432
The Butte Theater

Located on Bennett Avenue in the heart of Cripple Creek, the Butte Theater is presenting “The Christmas Donkey” along with an all new Christmas Olio. This is a Holiday favorite about a fictional Cripple Creek character and a magical talking donkey.

Matinee and evening performances of this heartwarming show continue through Dec. 27.

For ticket sales and information visit or call 719-689-3247.

Lighted Headframes around Victor

Holiday ornaments, some as large as 29 feet tall, light up the weekend starry night skies of Victor and Cripple Creek through Jan. 1.

A self guided driving tour map is available at area businesses, pick one up at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center or online at