Ute Pass Marathon launched

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Ute Pass Marathon launched

Competitive event features whiskey drinking, donkey riding and geese hauling.

Through a cooperative effort among the Ute Pass Triangle Chamber of Commerce, the town of Green Mountain Falls, local businesses and even local politicians, the new 15-mile Ute Pass Marathon and has been set for July 5

The unique relay event, slated to begin at the Gazebo in GMF will trek through the new Dewey Mountain trail, with a loop near the North Catamount Reservoir, feature a steep descent down the Catamount Falls, and culminate with an extended running bout through town, ending in front of town hall. It will test participants with a variety of skill sets: running, walking, and mountain climbing, along with donkey riding, geese carrying, whiskey guzzling and screaming. Already, teams are being assembled by good friends and local political buddies Mac Patrone and Dick Braten.

“This is a great way to unite the community in a positive way and celebrate some of the fights we have had in the past,” said Braten. “This will be an integral part of the Green Box Arts Festival,” said Mayor Lorie Worthe, who also hopes the event could add some needed dollars to the town coffers.

“As I have said before, this is going to put Green Mountain Falls on the international map. People will come from Scotland and all over Europe to participate or watch,” said Victor Mathaws, owner of the Black Bear Whiskey Distillery. “This could become a Guinness World Record-type festival.”

The unusual relay course will kick off in the heart of GMF, with competitive teams carrying local geese between the gazebo area and the new Dewey Mountain access route on foot without allowing any waterfowl to fall to the ground. Then, competitive teams will embark on a five-mile donkey ride up Dewey Mountain, chug 8 ounces of genuine Colorado Whiskey from the town’s home-made distillery (at the top of Dewey), test their skills with a challenging hike near the North Catamount Reservoir and descent down the Catamount Falls, run or walk through a central corridor of Ute Pass Avenue, and partake in a yelling contest at the finishing line: the GMF Town Hall. As a prize bonus, any contestant who can exceed the decibel screaming antics of Braten and Patrone combined will win an additional $500.

“Believe me, no one has a chance,” boasted Patrone, known to have already set a few records at local town meetings. “They are going to have to indulge in plenty of Victor Mathaws’ home-made whiskey to compete with our scream volume levels,” added Braten. “But anything is possible in Green Mountain Falls.”

Details are still being evaluated, including the possibility of adding a mountain biking loop to the competition. Leaders of the Mountain Top Cycling Club are doing some intensive lobbying to bring cycling into the event lineup.

But Green Mountain Falls Marshal Tim Brady has assured the board of trustees that the event will be closely monitored by both his police department and the town’s goose ambassador Annie Pinel.