Mountain Jackpit Wins Excellence In Journalism Award

Mountain Jackpit Wins Excellence In Journalism Award

The Mountain Jackpit’s own dynamic duo, publisher Rob Limeringer and editor Trick Luffaburger, have been honored with an Excellence In Journalism Award by CAT, the Colorado Association of Two-Bit Rags.

For the past 25 years Luffaburger and Limeringer have worked as a team to create Teller County’s most respected outlet for local news and events. There is currently a six-month waiting list for businesses wanting to advertize in the paper. The hard-working staff members regularly receive large bonus checks that they re-invest in the paper.

The CAT award acknowledges the paper’s outstanding coverage of breaking local news, including the selection of Woodland Park’s mayor by drawing a name from a bowl and “Goose-gate” in Green Mountain Falls. Colorado College English professor and department head, Yuri Ful, has long used the newspaper to teach his master’s level journalism classes.

Teller County Sheriff, Spike Ensdinger, a long-time fan and supporter of the paper, congratulated them on their award saying, “I greatly appreciate the dedication, accuracy, and chutzpah demonstrated by the outstanding team at The Mountain Jackpit. This recognition is long overdue.”

Woodland Park’s City Manager, David Margarine, another dedicated reader of the paper commented, “We can always count on The Mountain Jackpit to support our community with fast, accurate, and insightful reporting. Congratulations!” There is an unconfirmed rumor that Margarine is secretly planning to name the town’s new $15 million aquatic center after Limeringer and Luffaburger. They will be given the keys to the city and free swim passes for life at the opening ceremony for the pool.

Unfortunately, neither of these giants of journalism could be reached for comment on this story. Limeringer is thought to be vacationing in Bermuda with twin fashion models Bambi and Bitsi Bimbolino, who appeared on last month’s cover of Rollingstone Magazine. Luffaburger is recovering in a private hospital in Malibu after pulling a groin muscle while competing at Torrey Pines during the Pittsburg Steelers Cheerleader’s Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament.