Granny Hash

By Catherin3-17granny hash building webe Mahrholz

If you’ve driven out Hwy 24 through Lake George recently, you have undoubtedly noticed the transformation taking place at the old Mountain Shadows Restaurant. The property is taking on a new look and the most noticeable is the freshly painted purple and lavender exterior!

Paramedics JoDee Weaver and Karen Kinne, both longtime residents here in the Pikes Peak region, have taken the plunge as entrepreneurs and are working long hours with the aid of licensed contractors to bring the old building up to code inside and out.

In addition to the stunning color of the exterior, the property now boasts a new front deck entrance and ramp that meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Kinne and Weaver will be the first in Colorado to operate a combined cultivation and retail outlet for agricultural hemp and hemp products. The grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, March 21.

The name of the business is Granny Hash. The term “Granny” refers to the venerable 1939 building that has undergone extensive renovation, and HASH stands for High Altitude Super Hemp.

The women are firmly committed to organic growing processes from seed to harvest and even play classical music to encourage the growth and CBD and CBN production of their plants.

As paramedics and EMS workers, Kinne and Weaver are supporters of the medicinal uses of Cannabis. Hemp derived salves and creams have shown promise in the treatment of such conditions as arthritis and psoriasis. Hemp clothing, bath and beauty products will also be available for purchase.

Agricultural hemp contains only a trace amount of THC, the ingredient that creates the high sought after by recreational users. Agricultural hemp does, however, contain the medicinal ingredients CBD and CBN. These are what have been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of various medical conditions such as the control of pain or seizures. It must be emphasized that one cannot get “high” on agricultural hemp.

Since Granny Hash is utilizing agricultural hemp, the store will be open to all as a family friendly establishment. One of the goals is to educate the public about hemp and all the medicinal applications that are possible with this plant. And because there is virtually no THC in agricultural hemp, there is no need to see a doctor or get a prescription.
On line purchasing is also planned and the web site is and you can find them on Facebook as well.

This Saturday, the public is cordially invited to attend the grand opening of this new and unique business in Lake George. There will be a raffle and the opportunity to meet Kinne and Weaver, and learn about the healing potential of organic hemp products.