Free Health Classes from Pikes Peak Regional Hospital By Beth Dodd

3-3hospital story pic webFree Health Classes from Pikes Peak Regional Hospital
By Beth Dodd

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital offers free classes on health care. The hospital’s goal in offering these classes is to build relationships with people in the community. Participating in health education can help you understand your health care options and help you make healthy choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

The classes cover a wide variety of topics, and address concerns common to many people, especially seniors. Class offerings may include information on arthritis, balance, colon cancer, diabetes, hearing, heart disease, joint replacement, memory, physical therapy, pain management, dermatology, stress, and more.

The classes are offered at least once every quarter, but more often they are held monthly, depending on the availability of speakers. All of the speakers are health care professionals, usually physicians, who work in the specialty they are teaching about. Although a lot of the information they present can be researched on the internet, there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction.

“We want people to know we are in the community helping individuals find ways to participate in their own health care. We want to get the word out about health and health care processes,” said Eric Riggle, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Pikes Peak Regional Hospital.

For example, on February 24 the class Veins, Aneurysms, and Arteries-What’s New in Vascular Surgery was held at the Woodland Park Senior Center. The program was presented by Dr. Greg Carlson, a vascular surgeon with University of Colorado Health in Colorado Springs. Attendees also enjoyed a free lunch.

The next class will be offered on March 10. Pikes Peak Urology will talk about prostate health at 11:45 AM in the downstairs classroom at the Woodland Park Library. April’s class will be about stroke awareness. To learn more about upcoming classes, visit and click on the community education link in the top right corner.

The hospital receives help in choosing their health seminar topics from the member’s of Senior Circle, their senior’s health and wellness group. Senior Circle promotes healthy living in mature adults by providing a wide variety of activities. In addition to the free classes, members can receive free and discounted services to promote their health. There are health screenings like blood pressure checks and fall prevention clinics. They also offer support groups to people managing specific illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

If Senior Circle members are hospitalized at Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, they receive a visit from a Senior Circle team representative, a small welcome gift, and a cafeteria coupon to pass along to a visiting friend or family member. Senior Circle members always enjoy 20 off off breakfast or lunch in the PPRH café whenever they visit the hospital. PPRH also offers medication checks for Senior Circle members who want to speak with a pharmacist about the medications they are taking, possible side effects or interactions, and other drug-related questions.

In addition, the program is a great way to make new friends. For example, you can meet people at one of their free “Lunch With A Doc” programs, or you can go on a fun day trip with other Senior Circle members to interesting venues throughout the region. Members receive newsletters by regular mail or email to kept them informed about the group’s activities. To join Senior Circle, please call Deb Idleman at the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital at (719) 686-5802 or send an e-mail to There is a one time $5 fee to join the program.