Apartments to Be Built above Gold Hill North


By Beth Dodd:



The owner of Gold Hill Square North, Bill Page, has been given permission by the Woodland Park City Council to build seven new apartments on the top floor of his building.

According to Page, he has been unable to lease the existing commercial space on the second floor of Gold Hill North for the past seven years. Occupancy of Page’s properties at Gold Hill South and Gold Hill North is at an all-time low with the former Ben Franklin, Ent Federal Credit Union, Woodland Hardware, and other spaces all empty. 

Earlier this year, Page tried to prevent more vacancies in the future by asking the Woodland Park DDA to block his tenants from getting TIF incentives for moving into the new commercial spaces to be built at Woodland Station. They turned him down.

With Woodland’s current housing shortage and the new emphasis on creating mixed use residential and retail spaces within the downtown area, Page is now planning to convert some of his empty space into apartments.

The new digs will be created by transforming the vacant office space on the second floor of Gold Hill North and adding a third floor. Construction is expected to begin in 2015 and continue through 2018. The redevelopment of the property will also include two small private parking garages. 

Although neighbor Laurie Glauth, owner of the Hackman House, raised concerns about the obstruction of the view of Pikes Peak from her property and the location of utility lines, the Woodland Park City Council gave Page permission to move forward with his plans at their November 20 meeting. Page will have to co-operate with IREA to accommodate the overhead power lines.