Saturday, Nov. 22 Rock ‘n’ Roll Mine Shots Saturday, Nov. 22


To be able to continue safe operations of a modern, large scale surface mine today, CC&V has to apply the state of the art, high-tech geologic science and engineering to mitigate the potential dangers of many historic mines.On Saturday, November 22, at 10:00 a.m., with spectacular photos, interesting graphics, stunning three dimensional animations, and fascinating stories: CC&V Geologist, Erik Munroe, will explain the science, engineering and art of mining safely in the geology of Cripple Creek. Whether you’re interested in modern high-tech mining, the area’s geology, or unique insights to the district’s history, Erik’s presentation will “Rock ‘n’ Roll!” These “Mine Shots Presentations” are held at CC&V’s Visitor Center, 371 E. Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813 (on the ground floor of the B.P.O.E – Elks Building). Seating is limited, so if you would like to join us for this fascinating presentation, RSVP to719-689-2341, today!