Teller Deputy Investigated For Social Media Post


The Teller County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an internal investigation regarding the alleged social media posting of one of its deputies.
According to press reports, a complaint was made that Teller County Sheriff Deputy Eric Voigt made a comment on Facebook derogatory to Muslims. The post reportedly occurred after business hours, but details are still sketchy about the incident.

Authorities from the sheriff’s department have indicated that the internal investigation should be completed later this week. The deputy was not placed on leave due to interviews that have to be conducted, according to a report in The Colorado Springs Gazette.

“I’m very discouraged by what I’ve read,” said Sheriff Mike Ensminger,” according to The Gazette, regarding the Facebook post. “Based on what I’ve seen, it certainly doesn’t look real good for the deputy.”

Ensminger, according to reports, responded to the allegations shortly after learning about the incident. He has contended that the agency has strong policies against discrimination.