Sherlock Holmes and the Cripple Creek Ripper

Sherlock Holmes & Halloween Olio

By Beth Dodd:


Whether or not you are already a fan of the great sleuth, you will surely enjoy this latest production by the Thin Air Theater Company at the Butte Theater in Cripple Creek. Sherlock Holmes and the Cripple Creek Ripper is followed by a Halloween Olio and is showing now through November 1.

The action begins as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson arrive at the Palace Hotel in Cripple Creek in the fall of 1896 for some much needed rest and relaxation. Before they can get settled, a string of mysterious murders prompts the detective and the loyal doctor to take action to find the fiend. As the characters at the Palace Hotel struggle to survive this baffling and terrifying crime wave, not even the donkeys are safe!

The cast of Sherlock Holmes is led by Levi Penley, who uses his best powers of observation and deduction as Dr. Watson to aide Sherlock Holmes, played by Kevin Pierce. The Place Hotel staff, including the distressed owner Mrs. Poudre (by Jeremy Parker), piano man Red Murphy (by Kyle Travis) and Ruby, a maid with big dreams (by Rebecca Myers), do their best to downplay the mysterious events at the Palace Hotel. Meanwhile, the hotel’s guests including songbird Scarlet Dubois (by Lidsey Bristol) and her admirer Jack Garnet (by Joel Oramas), and the unusual Mr. Amir cannot avoid their dreadful fate as the suspense and humor build. The game is afoot!

After the surprising resolution of the play, the cast launches into a fun-filled Halloween Olio. A young girl (Rebecca Myers) is in for an unforgettable night of strange dreams as the Sandman (Kevin Pierce) leads her into the Land of Nod. The fun includes seasonal spoofs of popular music from disco to Disney. My favorites included the nightmare version of the classic Electric Slide, the zombie take on “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, and “The Circle of Death” which spoofs The Lion King.

When I asked my son what his favorite part of the show was, he said, “All of it!” The opening night crowd must have agreed because they gave the performance a standing ovation.

“We have been coming for years and they never disappoint us. They always do a good job’ said Ted and Karla Schweitzer of Woodland Park.

Plan now to enjoy an evening or afternoon out at the Butte Theater to see Sherlock Holmes and the Cripple Creek Ripper & The Halloween Olio. You can buy tickets online at or call the box office at (719) 689-3247. For the more spontaneous, tickets are available at the door Thursday through Sunday. If you are new to the Butte, you’ll discover that the tickets are delightfully affordable.

If you want to see the creative talents of the cast turned loose, you’ll also want to be part of their Spoof Show on November 1 at 7 p.m. when the cast makes fun of their own show in an outrageous mix of horror and comedy.