Dear Editor:


Well done at the Chamber-hosted candidate forum! Teller County Sheriff, Mike Ensminger, answered his questions from the moderator, the media and the public with dignity, honor and respect.  

He backed up his answers with facts. He provided details of how crime overall is down in Teller County since he became sheriff.  22 percent!  

And, he showed the value of the Sheriff’s office rescue vehicle, which his opponent has heavily criticized, with photographic proof of the vehicle in action; saving lives of our wonderful deputies. It’s apparent that our Sheriff and his team are keeping all of us safe. He has the leadership and real world experience. I know I trust the safety of my family to him and his great team of men and women. 

As a military veteran serving in the defense of our nation for more than 3 decades,  I know I prefer, as the counties number one law enforcement officer, a veteran who has a proven track record and not a rookie.
Our community needs Mike Ensminger. Vote to re-elect.  Michael Perini

US Air Force
Colonel, Retired