County Kicks Off Budget Season


by Rick Langenberg


Fiscal times are improving for Teller County. But don’t look for any big increases in Teller’s annual $27 million in total expenditures, with the county still seeking to hold the line on spending.

That’s the preliminary conclusions of county officials, as Teller officially kicked off its 2015 budget season last Thursday. On July 24, the county held its first budget meeting, with an open forum for any member of the public to address the commissioners regarding spending requests for next year.

Representatives of Community of Caring and the Teller Senior Coalition made slight pleas for money for various meals and transportation programs for their respective organizations. Most of these dealt with relatively modest requests, with the biggest request coming in the form of a bid for $13,500 from the Teller Senior Coalition for transportation to supplement other funds they currently receive. The group also asked for $9,000 for Golden Circle meals. The Community of Caring group, which operates out of the Aspen Mine Center, also sought $4,500 for one of its meals programs.

No other groups made presentations.

The lack of public requests is part of a continual reality for the Teller government, with a familiar message: Times are tough and frugal spending is a must. For the last several years, the Teller government has operated at 2005 funding levels and hasn’t filled most vacant positions. As a result, Teller budget meetings haven’t exactly set records for participation or funding requests.