No Sign Yet of Final Sign Plan for Woodland Hardware


By Beth Dodd:


After months of talk, the Woodland Park DDA finally approved a plan for signs on only the front side of the new Woodland Hardware & Home building. However, two proposals for signs on the back of the building, which faces U.S. Highway 24, were rejected by the DDA and Do It Best corporate. The owners of Woodland Hardware, Gene and Kelly Rodarmel, will now have to submit a new sign ideas to the DDA in August.


The Rodarmels turned in their first proposal for signs while their building was still under construction in 2013. Because of the large size of the hardware store, the DDA gave them a variance to the sign rules to allow them to have bigger signs in proportion to the store. However, the Rodarmels still asked for two backlit Do It Best logo signs on the front of the store. They also asked to have a large 19’ by 14’ internally-lit free-standing sign on the back of the store. These signs would have required a second variance from the DDA.


The Rodarmel’s later agreed not to backlight the logo signs on the front of the store. Instead they will be lit with downward pointing LEDs. This compromise led to approval of the signage for the front of the building at the DDA meeting on July 1.


Signs for the northwest rear corner of the building, the only part that can be seen from U.S. Highway 24, are still not finalized. The large free standing sign first proposed was rejected by the DDA as not in keeping with the look desired for Woodland Station. It was not appropriate as an example for other future signs. The DDA’s goal is to avoid creating strip mall-like visual clutter and light pollution that would have a negative impact on nearby homes.


A second proposal called for wall mounted signs on either side of the northwest corner of the building. “Woodland Hardware & Home” would be on the north wall and “Do It Best” would be on the west wall. This proposal was rejected by Do It Best corporate because the name of the store preceded the Do It Best logo and wrapped around a corner.


The Rodarmels are now left to return to the drawing board and come back to the DDA with a new proposal for consideration in August. Possibilities suggested by the DDA members include a smaller free standing sign to identify the rear of the building or identification on a possible future sign for the overall Woodland Station development.