Deer Brutally Poached In Woodland Park Neighborhood


Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking for information about a deer that was shot over the weekend in the Paradise Estates subdivision in Woodland Park.

A District Wildlife Manager found the doe Friday. It had been shot with an arrow in the stomach. The deer was still alive and had to be put down.

“The poacher used an arrow with a field or practice point, not meant for hunting, meaning that this animal definitely suffered,” said Tonya Sharp, District Wildlife Manager in Teller County, according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife press release.

Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious is asked to call Sharp at 719-227-5281 or Operation Game Thief at 1-877-265-6648.

“Poaching steals wildlife from everyone. Anyone with any information should call us right away,” added Sharp.

Operation Game Thief is offering a $500 reward for information leading to a citation being issued or an arrest being made. Email tips can be sent to Verizon cell phone users can dial ‪#‎OGT‬. Callers to Operation Game Thief may remain anonymous if they wish.