Pay Center, Your Bank in a Box


By Beth Dodd


Pay Center is an amazing financial services kiosk now available in Colorado. Woodland Park has just the second machine in the state. You will find it inside Mountain Naturals Community Market at the corner of Red Feather Lane and CO Hwy 67.

The Pay Center kiosk works like an ATM machine with a terrific twist. You can also use it to pay bills on time without writing checks, buy and instantly upload mobile phone minutes, or maybe even get an advance on your paycheck. The directions in the machine are easy to follow and will guide you through the process step by step. “We’re like a bank in a box,” said owner and developer of the Paycenter Kiosk, Ken Upcraft. “It’s a financial center where customers, through the convenience of the kiosk, can complete their financial transactions. The convenience is much greater than a brick and mortar bank because the kiosk can bring the services directly to you and your community without the need to construct a building.”

For example, you can pay your bills with cash at the Pay Center kiosk for a small fee, ranging from $3 for a standard two day payment to $6 for a one day express payment. Over 10,000 companies now accept payments through Pay Center, including utilities like IREA, phone service providers like Quest and T-Mobile, and cable TV companies like Direct TV and Dish Network. You can also make your insurance, mortgage, credit card, and retail store charge card payments. To find out if the companies that you do business with are in the system, you can use the search option at the kiosk.

The Pay Center kiosk also offers Pinless Calling and Mobile Top-Up services to help you manage your phones. Pinless Calling allows you to pay for minutes for domestic or international calls on your phone card or cell phone. Mobile Top-Up lets you add minutes to your mobile phone or pre-paid phone at the same low prices, using cash or a credit card. There are no add-on fees. Not only is this fast and easy, but you will also save money. For example, according to Upcraft, a phone call to Mexico is 99 cents a minute with most cell phone companies, but only 1.5 cents per minute through the Pay Center.


Another Pay Center service is Money Earned, a way to get pay day advances. If your employer has ten employees or more and chooses to integrate this into their payroll system at no cost, you will be able to access money that you have earned during the gap between the end of the pay period and payday. This is not a loan service, so you need not worry about outrageous interest or a collections agent breathing down your neck.

Pay Center is especially useful for people without checking accounts. No more buying and mailing money orders or cashier’s checks, saving you time and money. Even if you have a checking account, express pay at the Pay Center kiosk is a great way to ensure that a last minute payment arrives on time before you are charged late fees or have a service turned off and have to pay reconnection costs.

Upcraft is hoping to place a second Pay Center kiosk in Teller County in the near future and is looking for a business in Cripple Creek to house it. There is no cost to the business and they will be able to share the income. There are already 150 kiosks around the country, so they are a proven success. Contact Ken Upcraft at Pay Center if you would like to place a kiosk in your business at 719-650-2318 or visit