A New Era For Green Mountain Falls.

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Photo and caption by Rick Langenberg

Mayor Lorrie Worthey takes the oath during an unusual changing of the guard ceremony on April 15, following her re-election in the municipal election. The farewell party for the old trustees didn’t really occur, with most former elected leaders immediately leaving the building after conducting final business items. 
Shortly after taking the oath, Worthey and a vastly new board of trustees promptly approved a slew of new resolutions with big implications, such as reforming the marshal’s office and re-appointing former Marshal Tim Bradley as the police chief; rescinding a previous law that establishes a town manager job; stripping Clerk Chris Frandina of her previous dual role as town treasurer (the treasurer job will not be handled by new trustee Michael Butts); reasserting more authority for the board of trustees and the mayor, who will now act as the town spokesperson; and establishing meeting protocol with sterner rules for removed disruptive people from the proceedings and giving more control to the mayor. In addition, the two remaining trustees from the old guard, Howard Price and Ralph LoCascio, submitted resignation letters. For a complete report of the new GMF power shakeup, see the TMJ’s April 22 issue.