Green Mountain Falls Election Celebration

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by Rick Langenberg:



Green Mountain Falls Mayor Lorrie Worthey, who won a big re-election victory Tuesday night, gets a celebratory hug by local resident Judy Wiedner, of the Concerned Citizens of Green Mountain Falls group at the Blue Moose Tavern, while newly-elected trustee Chris Quinn confirms the results. Worthey and a group of trustee candidates, who ran as a slate — Chris Quinn, David Cook and Michael Butts — were the big winners of the GMF election. The mandate served as a big blow to the status quo administration. Worthey, who for the last two years has found herself on the losing side of most votes, will now get a chance to implement major changes in the running of GMF. 

Victory for the team. Chris Quinn, a trustee candidate, expressed jubilation as the results of Tuesday’s election during a celebration at the Blue Moose Tavern in Green Mountain Falls Tuesday night. Quinn won one of the three trustee seats Tuesday night. Quinn received 165 tallies. The other trustee victors were David Cook with 175 votes and Michael Butts with 157. Incumbent Margaret Peterson got knocked off the board with 125 votes. In the mayoral race, incumbent Lorrie Worthey edged past Mayor Pro Tem Jane Newberry by a 143 to 118 margin.

A time for change. Newly-elected mayor Lorrie Worthey, newly-elected trustee Chris Quinn and Judy Wiedner of the Concerned Citizens of Green Mountain Falls group, enjoy the GMF election results during a jubilant celebration at the Blue Moose Tavern. “This is a good day for Green Mountain Falls,” announced Worthey, shortly after the results were announced. She says the victory means that residents support her pledge for more government transparency and government accountability. “The people want change. They have spoken.”

Final GMF Election Results

Lorrie Worthey — 143
Jane Newberry — 118

David Cook — 175
Chris Quinn — 165
Michael Butts — 157
Margaret Peterson — 125
*The top three trustees in voters are awarded seats on the board.

A complete analysis of the April 1 election, and what this will mean for the town government, will be provided in the April 8 print issue of The Mountain Jackpot.