DOLA defends GMF town hall grant request

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Editor’s Note: Enclosed is a response provided by Green Mountain Falls Interim Town Manager Rob McArthur regarding concerns raised by the grant the town received by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs for a $500,000 award for a new town hall facility. This issue was recently highlighted in a letter to the editor (published in the TMJ’s Feb. 18 issue) by Joe Morin and heavily scrutinized the new town hall project and the local government. For details of this letter, visit
DOLA defends GMF town hall grant request

Dear Joe (Morin):

Thanks for your letter and reference documents regarding the town of Green Mountain Falls. By copy of this e-mail, I’m also sharing this information with Clay Brown, our DOLA Field Rep and Charlie Unseld, the Deputy Director for our Division of Local Govt.

We recognize that every local government has its own internal leadership challenges, but in considering energy impact grant applications, we have to evaluate the infrastructure requests, without regard to those very separate issues. I don’t mean to discount what these challenges might be for the town; I’m just saying that we must administer the energy impact program separate from that.

That said, it’s helpful for us to be aware of those internal matters and I appreciate your concerns in that regard. I also appreciate your personal commitment to address those matters for the benefit of your community.

And I recognize that the town of Green Mountain Falls may seem to you to be far removed from “energy impacts,” but I mentioned earlier, that determination is formulaic based on factors that apply to the broader county, and in the Town’s (Green Mountain Falls) case, there are TWO counties that favor into that equation. This obviously isn’t a perfect science, but we believe this approach to be equitable across communities.

Thanks again for sharing our concerns. Rest assured that we absolutely DO and WILL monitor closely the use of the town’s energy impact award and their fulfillment of their contractual construction obligations in that regard. Clay (Brown) is point for that responsibility, and he works closely with our Controller to ensure such compliance.

Reeves Brown,

Executive Director

Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs.