Teller County Armchair Quarterbacks Make Their Super Bowl Predictions

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by Rick Langenberg:



The big game is only days away and the whole world is watching the mighty Denver Broncos in their Super Bowl bid against the Seattle Seahawks.

Will Peyton Manning become the first quarterback to win the big title with two different teams? Can Denver overcome the menace of probable cold weather during the first stupid experiment of playing the Super Bowl in a frigid environment with no dome?

The local, state and national buzz is alive and well with insiders touting the game as the best offense in the history of football against a rugged defense. Besides Manning, the list of characters includes Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Champ Bailey, Eric Decker, John Fox and Pete Carroll just to name a few.

There is even a story about Seattle’s pushy effort to try to lure Manning to their team after he got booted out of Indy. Bad craziness: And this is one of the reasons why football fans generally hate Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

On a sad note, if the Broncos win, it could mark the end of the modern partnership between Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning and head executive John Elway. Regardless of the spin by these two, look for both pigskin heroes to hang it up next year with a Broncos victory. And if we are lucky, they may hang in there for one more season. (That’s my personal prediction).

But how can anyone in their right mind side with Seattle? It’s the land of book worms, rain lovers, grunge rock, alternative music (whatever that is these days), great Pinot Noir wine and misty scenery. This isn’t a knock on Seattle; it’s a spectacular place for people who love dreary weather and suicide.

Based on comments around our fine local area, Seattle has as much chance of beating the Broncos on Sunday as grunge rock music lovers have of seeing the late Kurt Cobain (the former singer and leader of the Seattle-based Nirvana, one of the six inductees into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame this year) rising from the dead. It’s simply not going to happen.

The common theme of most local opinions is this: Seattle fans should just sip their spectacular Pinot Noir, smoke some underground marijuana, (that’s right – they don’t have legal shops yet, another reason Seattle just can’t keep up with Denver) and prepare for the worst. And if the weather is ultra-bad, fret not. The Teller County Republican Party has connections with New Jersey Governor Chris Christy, so it may just be time for some more bridge and even stadium closure.
For the record, the Las Vegas experts are giving the Broncos the edge by two and a half points.

Here are a few predictions from local Teller County odds-makers. See if you agree:

Dave Paul, Teller County Commissioner and fanatic Denver Broncos season-ticket holder (Says he only missed one game over the last several decades and that was due to the bad timing of a wedding) – Broncos will win by 31-24. “I am going to go with the same score that the Broncos won by during their first Super Bowl victory with John Elway (against the Green Bay Packers). Peyton will get his second Super Bowl ring. If they play the way they did against the Patriots and limit the turnovers, we will be the winners.” Paul also predicts that even with a win, Peyton will return next year, in his bid to obtain back-to-back Bowl victories.

Sheryl Decker, Teller County Administrator – The Broncos will win by 28-14. “The Broncos defense will step up. That is a good thing as it will be very cold.”

Dick Bratton, Green Mountain Falls resident and trails committee leader – The Broncos will win by 26-17. “The Broncos are just a better team. Nobody can stop Peyton Manning. This is there time.”

Christ Hazlett, Cripple Creek Councilman and Owner of Ralf’s — The Broncos will win 31-27. “If I said the Seahawks were going to win by that score, I would be out of business tomorrow. (No Chris, you would be hung in the Cripple Creek City Hall). It’s a pretty even matchup. Regardless, it will be one heck of a party here at Ralf’s. It will be pretty wild. We are looking forward to the game.”

Jon DeVaux, Woodland Park Planning Commissioner and Alpine Firearms Owner – The Broncos will win 28-21. “I watched the Seahawks-49ers game closely and felt our chances got a lot better when Seattle won. The Broncos would have had a harder time against San Francisco. They (the 49ers) would have been more effective against Denver. I think Manning will beat (Seattle cornerback Richard) Sherman. It won’t be a runaway, though.”

Lorrie Worthey, Green Mountain Falls Mayor. The Broncos will win by a few. “The Broncos will definitely win. They are quiet professionals. Peyton Manning isn’t so concerned with being in the spotlight. It is the Broncos’ time.”

Jim and Patty McGee, Woodland Park residents and heads of the Teller County Packers Fan Club – Broncos by a few. “If the (Green Bay) Packers aren’t in the Super Bowl, we have to go for the Broncos. It’s that simple. It will be a pretty close game.” And if the Broncos don’t win, they have vowed to change their last name to “McGoo”.
Rod Herk, VFW leader – The Broncos will win by seven. “I really hope I am right.” Mainly, Rod, who is only cautiously optimistic, gives the Broncos the edge because of their fast-paced offense.

Dave Gordon, Woodland Park resident – Broncos will win 31-14. “Manning will smoke the Seattle defense.”

Maureen Langenberg, Green Mountain Falls – The Seahawks will win by seven. “I hope I am wrong, but Seattle is more accustomed to playing in bad weather than the Broncos. I also like their young quarterback (Russell Wilson).” And as a hardcore baseball fan, Maureen admits she is impressed with a quarterback that had quite a promising career as a lightning-fast second baseman. If things don’t work out for Wilson, maybe he can play for the lowly Colorado Rockies.

Charles (CR) Chambers, Photographer, Web Producer and Former Canadian Semi-Professional Football Player – The Broncos will win 27-10. “So after talking with (television sports analyst Joe (Theismann who I formerly played ball with) last weekend and getting down to the ‘nitty gritty,’ Joe kept referring to the game as ‘The Cannabis Bowl.’ By the tone of the conversation it sounded as though Joe may have had some himself….The Super Bowl point spread and money line are very close which was expected. Joe and I were at a disagreement though, over the outcome. Joe believes it should be a great battle and a good defense wins games and that is ultimately why he predicts the Seattle Seahawks winning the 2014 Super Bowl outright. The scary part is Joe got last year’s prediction completely right with Baltimore taking the game away from the 49ers. “I on the other hand told Joe he’s been out east way too long and is in need of some fresh mountain air. But that said, Peyton will set the pace. He’s just that good. Once again, with Peyton at the helm and all those weapons, they just can’t lose.”

Mike Mueller, Owner of the Ute Inn – Broncos will win by a few. “It will be a tight game. But if the Broncos hang together, they should win it. It will be a high scoring but close game. This will be a great Super Bowl.” Mike also believes it’s a great game for viewing the spectacle in an ideal local public establishment like the Ute.