CHP Colorado Offers Hands-on Firearms Training in Woodland Park


by Beth Dodd:



Concealed Handgun Permits of Colorado is a place you should visit if you are a new gun owner or are thinking about becoming one. CHP Colorado’s owners, Miles De Young, Ken Klinger, and Romy Klinger, will teach you everything you need to know to be effective, responsible, and safe in your use of firearms.

Ken Klinger and De Young are both active in local law enforcement, and have experience as military and law enforcement firearms trainers. Romy Klinger has 14 years of Swiss military training. They are all licensed firearms instructors and also teach “Refuse to Be a Victim” courses.

One of the challenges of purchasing a handgun for the first time is deciding what kind to get. While they do not sell firearms themselves, the staff of CHP Colorado will not only train you how to use a gun properly, they can help you select the right sidearm to meet your needs and refer you to a dealer to acquire the weapon of your choice.

New classes at CHP will be starting in January and are available every month. If you register for a class by January 15, you will receive a 15% discount. Gift certificates are available for all classes. The basic class is $150, and the intermediate and scenario classes are $125. The price includes ammunition and everything you need to complete the class. The “Refuse to Be a Victim” course, a four hour mind-set seminar about personal safety, is just $35. Private classes for individuals or small groups are also available.

“There’s a lot more to shooting guns than just shooting beer cans. We take the time to teach you to shoot correctly. If you’re going to carry a gun, you owe it to yourself and your family to get hands-on training and have peace of mind rather than set yourself up for disaster,” said De Young.

The courses offered at CHP Colorado vary from a beginner’s basic class to advanced scenario training. The classes emphasize close quarter combat skills to keep you safe should the worst happen. The basic class includes 2.5 hours of classroom instruction and 4 hours of shooting time. The advanced class features force on force training which comes as close to a real situation as you can get without being hurt.

De Young and the Klingers first started teaching firearms training 18 years ago in Steamboat Springs. Their classes were all held outdoors and limited by the weather. Now that they are in Woodland Park, they have an indoor shooting location that makes it possible for them to offer instruction all year long.

This change was made possible by their use of “simunitions.” Simunitions are bullets made of hard plastic with non-toxic soap dye inside that are often used for training by law enforcement and the military. Two years ago they were made available for civilian use under the direction of certified instructors. A stray bullet will hurt if it hits you, but is non-lethal. The dye makes it easy to see the accuracy of your shots at a glance.

CHP Colorado is located in the Tamarac Business Center at 800 Research Drive, Suite #200 in Woodland Park, off of CO Hwy 67. Pease note that this is a block before the turnoff to go to the Tamarac post office. They can be contacted at or (719)357-1989, or you can find more information at