The Christmas Blaze Lights Up Cripple Creek

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By Beth Dodd:



The Butte Theater’s new holiday production The Christmas Blaze is a wonderful experience for the whole family. In this timeless new play by Chris Sorensen, fourth generation community theater director and owner, Alex Winter, thinks she is burnt out on Christmas until an accident transports her back to the 1890’s and renews her love for the season.

The action begins as Alex Winter (played by Rebecca Moser) struggles to prepare for the opening night of yet another season of the Christmas Conflagation at the old Cripple Creek Theatorium, and also struggles to get into the Christmas spirit. Alex is magically taken back in time when she receives a blow to the head in a theater fire. She awakes to find herself rescued by dashing fireman George Landry (played by Mickey Burdick) back in December of 1897.

Soon Alex is trying to help her great-great grandfather Fire Chief Dan Winter (by Mel Moser) and Fireman Landry stage the first production of the Christmas Conflagration. Meanwhile, Landry’s jealous girlfriend, the wealthy and manipulative Sylvia Swarthwood (by Kate Ridan) and her henchman “Daily Mountaineer” reporter Jack Frost (by Kevin Pierce) will do anything to stop them. Can Alex, Landry, and Chief Dan save the play and Alex’s future? You’ll have to attend a performance of the Christmas Blaze to find out!

The Chirstmas Blaze features five fine new melodies. Rebecca Myers’ rich voice stands out in her plaintive “I’m Sick and Tired of Christmas” and in her tender duet with Mickey Burdick “There It Is.” The Christmas Blaze also features children and adults from the local community performing side by side with the professionals of the Thin Air Theater Company. All of them acted and sang their parts admirably and were rewarded with a standing ovation from the audience on opening night.

The Christmas Olio following the play begins with an aggressive talent agent pitching ideas to Santa for a new North Pole reality show. You will laugh and sing your way through the songs in The North Pole’s Got Talent, Prancing with the Stars, and Real Housewives of the Arctic Shore. Will Santa go commercial or stick with his classic Christmas theme? The North Pole performers will help him to decide.

The Christmas Blaze will be performed at the Butte Theater at 139 E Bennett Ave in Cripple Creek through December 29. Show times are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Ticket prices range from $8.25 to $13.25 and group rates are available. You can buy tickets online at or call the theater box office at (719) 689-3247.