Mayor Turley Survives Motorcycle Crash


By Beth Dodd



Woodland Park Mayor Dave Turley is recovering following a motorcycle accident on October 8. According to Turley’s own Facebook account of the accident, he was on the Tarryall Road near Lake George on his way home from a fall color cruise when he started to slide on sand and gravel during a turn. He tried to recover, but ran out of road and went off the side and down an embankment. His bike flipped on the way down.

Fortunately, Turley’s motorcycle took a different route down the hill than he did, sparing him from greater harm, but he still suffered five broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung on his right side. The mayor was wearing full protective riding gear including a helmet, which also helped preserve him from any greater damage. His 1800 Gold Wing is probably a total loss.

Turley was spotted by a passing motorist about 15 or 20 minutes after the crash. She drove into Lake George to call an ambulance. Two other motorists stopped and stayed with the Mayor until paramedics and a rescue team arrived. He was carried back up the hill on a backboard and transported to the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital in Woodland Park.

While recuperating at the hospital, the mayor wrote on Facebook to share his experience and to express his gratitude to all of the people who helped get him into the hands of the medical professionals in Woodland Park. He also thanked his friends who have been supportive during his healing process.

It is unclear how much time it will take for Mayor Turley to make a full recovery, but the City of Woodland Park will continue to function as normal in his absence. City Manager David Buttery is in charge of the day to day operations of the city as usual, while Mayor Pro-tem Eric Smith will temporarily assume Turley’s responsibilities, like running City Council meetings, until Mayor Turley is able to return.