Will There Be Blood? Welcome to the Borg


(Commentary by Eli Stone)



Cyborg — n (in science fiction) a living being whose powers are enhanced by computer implants or mechanical body parts [C20: from cyb (ernetic) org (anism).

“Today our technological advancements are occurring at a breath taking pace. Magnificent breakthroughs are discovered each day, many of which will enhance our lives while, at the same time, saving our world from imminent ecological disaster. However, the darker side effects created by some of these marvelous miracles of innovation are quite sure to lead to the manipulation and destruction of the human race!”- Mark A. LeCuyer –

“Generations of brain-imaging studies have provided increasingly detailed information about the complexity of human behavior, but few lines of investigation better illustrate the intricacy of the brain’s workings than the neural processes involved in lying or deceiving. And perhaps none make clearer the difficulty of accurately distinguishing between truthfulness and untruthfulness with new imaging technology. Moreover, we must ask ourselves if we are laying a foundation of risk regarding the very idea of creating brain maps of behavior and personal identity and whether these maps are ready for such real-world applications as law, employment, and insurance. When technology of this kind moves out of the hands of researchers and becomes available for practical uses, the lives of individuals and the future of our society may be profoundly affected.” A Fish Story? Brain Maps, Lie Detection, and Personhood by Judy Illes, October 01, 2004

You are laying on a gurney in a hospital, the doctor is going to perform a routine procedure for you….for your future…and for the government. You are going to receive your neural implant that will make your mind bigger, better, faster, and harder. With this neural implant you will have a small USB connector installed that will allow you to interface with a computer. A computer that will help educate you so fast that schools and colleges will cease to exist. It reduces the time needed to educate a person to hours and days instead of months and years. Police forces are no longer needed because you are under constant control of a higher computer and should you act erratically your existence is terminated in the blink of an eye. You were selected from a pool of nominees for this little routine procedure because you have at least above average abilities. You are about to get some of the better training offered, you assignment is military cyborg. You will think faster, clearer, have less compassion, and of course be able to interface with your fellow cyborg soldiers. With these capabilities you can react and re-plan your actions at the speed of a neuro-electrical impulse. Your handlers can reprogram any faults to prevent PTSD or battle fatigue and update your situational awareness in a moment. You are one of the lucky few who are allowed to join the Borg….you are superior, the other nominees weren’t so lucky and were programmed for menial labor or sent to disposal. Well not really disposal, they will be repurposed.

You note in the above definition of cyborg from the World English Dictionary that cyborg is denoted as science fiction. This is no longer the case. If you do a little research you can find that in the name of compassion for quadriplegics (and rightfully so) that wheel chairs have gone on beyond just tongue drive systems to wheelchairs that are interfaced with computers and take commands via electroencephalographic (EEG) impulse. Also, researchers have been studying criminal and non-criminal behavioral activity for a couple of generations and creating a huge data base of information. Electronic brain wave information the establishment needs. The establishment will use the data for you or against you, depending on the prevailing political winds. Whichever way those winds may blow, research will determine at an early point in your life as to what your future will look like.

The reason I am talking about this is because I received a briefing from a friend this week that showed me the direction in which our military industrial complex is rapidly moving. Reading the briefing was like drinking acid from a fire hose. The briefing was awe inspiring and at the same time repulsive because I understand information technology and warfare. I understand how our government will use the information with the backing of giant corporations. Corporations whose interests lie in larger profits and more control, and as long as the end justifies the means we are all supposed to be just okay with that. The title of the briefing is “Future Strategic Issues/Warfare (Circa 2025)”. The PowerPoint briefing was created all the way back in 2001 and modified in September 2013. The briefing was prepared by Dr. Dennis Bushnell at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton VA. Hmmmm, Langley, Virginia, also the purported headquarters for the CIA. The surprising part is that the briefing was developed by NASA. It reads like a briefing from Star Wars that Darth Vader might give to the Emperor as to how the empire will take and keep control of all the “soft, weak, and slower” biological populations of the universe. Now we know that NASA has been turned into a warfare think tank, quite some time ago. What better to do with a bunch of unemployed scientists and engineers since the cancellation of the space shuttle mission? I am personally appalled by what the “system” has in store for humanity. I used to be very skeptical of Alex Jones’ “Endgame”. No more, the war plans have been published and there are designs to more than less do away with the unwashed masses….that’s you and me. You can go get a good briefing on the subject at http://spreadyourawareness.blogspot.com/2013/06/nasa-future-strategic-issueswarfare.html. Also on April 2 of this year President Barrack Obama made sure there was over $100 million dollars made available for the mapping of the human brain. On February 13th of this year Obama beat his drum about how every progressive project he could think of could help the world in his State of the Union speech, especially to defend the funding for genomic research.

discussed the overall scope of the future with a friend of mine and made a point of saying “Now I understand why the establishment wants to do away with religious belief”. If I have no religious belief, if there is no hereafter, if there is no consequence outside of the here and now why is there any incentive to “be good”? What is to stop me from looking a man in the eye and taking him out and taking his stuff? What is to stop the military industrial complex without any mores or values? With the destruction of religion, we can destroy morality. Then a whole spectrum of new weaponry, for use against any who would oppose the “system” becomes “legal”. For instance, genomic research that would allow the development of biological weapons that could, or would target only specific persons and societal segments with specific genetic traits. Today we call it genocide, tomorrow it will be legal. What strikes me as crazy is that you and I pay for the concepts, research, development, and design of our own demise. But with good reason, you will be punished if you don’t pay your taxes, the money which you pay to help plan for the demise of the bulk of the human race. Of course the elite, the illuminati, those who consider themselves the ruling class will do just fine, maybe. The question is will those machines, with all that artificial intelligence, think it is a good idea to leave any human alive. Yes Dorothy, there is a Santa Claus and yes NASA is helping to develop technology just like that seen in the Terminator movies.

So will there be blood? Your guess is as good as mine. We know the United States, Inc. wants your blood….the question is can the establishment be stopped in time? Is there any way of undoing the damage without the unwashed masses needing to take action that will result in the destruction of technologies that could make man freer than he has ever been before? Will any of us survive? Or will it all be settled prophetically on the Plains of Armageddon? Your guess is as good as mine. Unless people organize now, with the intent of stopping the ruthless men who think that only they have the right to a future on this earth. I am no longer as concerned about defunding Obamacare as I am about defunding the military industrial complexes’ reach for the future. I can see only the direst consequences for the peaceful men and women who only want to live, love, laugh, and raise a family on a peaceful planet. A group of folks in Pueblo and Colorado Springs made a point of deposing would be despots over gun control; we need to learn from that lesson, that peaceful solutions are available.

“There are three great themes in science in the twentieth century – the atom, the computer and the gene.” – Harold Varmus, NIH Director –

“We need to stop worrying about the rights of the individual and start worrying about what’s best for society.” Hillary Clinton