The Beat Goes On!

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The Beat Goes On!

Wow – a Teller county citizen voices his concerns about the Teller County Sheriff and his Department. Then the Sheriff reply’s with information that needed corrections and clarifications from what the citizen stated. Now the citizen feels threatened by the Teller County Sheriff Department!

This threatened citizen stated he was a retired L.A. County Sheriff. The description given of the threatening “white male with grayish hair, a mustache and dark sunglasses,” “surly has a relationship with the Teller County Sheriff Dept., is a deputy, a friend, ally or good ‘ol boy of the sheriff!” He also went on to say he does not feel safe in his home and fears for the safety of his wife, family and friends.

WOW – This is serious business. Our local sheriff department threatening citizens, an unknown person in a white pick-up, with out a tailgate is connected to the sheriff department somehow? It must all be true! I’m sure the LASD taught a class of insight as to whom a passing driver has as friends and whom they work for.

I would like to help this terrorized citizen. The following are several contact persons and numbers that he can call for help with this issue of threats.

1) Teller County D.A, Dan May, (719) 520-6725

2) Colorado State Attorney General, John Suthers, (720) 508-6000

3) U.S. Senator Bennet, (303) 455-7600

4) U.S. Rep. Lamborn, (719) 520-0055

5) Federal Bureau of Investigation, (303) 629-7171 (Denver Number)

6) U.S. Dept. of Justice, Eric Holder, (202) 514-2001

7) President of the U.S. (202) 456-1111

Note: You may not want to try the last two since they can’t seem to find any of their paperwork and like to “stone wall” everything, but the others may be of help in starting an investigation into the Teller County Sheriff Dept.

I hope I helped in some way. However, sadly I suspect this entire issue goes back to the last Sheriff Election and really has absolutely nothing to do with being terrorized. By the way, I do not own a white pick-up with a missing tailgate; I have gray hair, but no mustache and I do not threaten anyone.


Ron Patterson

Florissant, Co 80816