Investigation continues into police-related shooting in Manitou Springs.


by Rick Langenberg:




Authorities are still investigating a police-related shooting in Manitou Springs, which occurred in a prime location, according to one witness.

A suspect, identified as 37-year-old Christopher Clemons, reportedly was injured from at least one gunshot wound. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation, according to Sgt. Joe Roybal of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.
Initial reports indicate that Clemons fired at a police officer following an altercation. The officer, in turn, returned fire and struck the suspect, according to a press release from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The case is being jointly investigated by the sheriff’s office and the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

The incident occurred early Saturday about 2 a.m. and involved a dispute between a suspect and two Manitou Springs police officers, following a Crime Stoppers tip. Trouble apparently occurred after two men visited a woman, who checked into the La Fon Motel in Manitou Springs late Friday evening.

The Denver Post reported that a maintenance man of the La Fon Motel, near where the dispute started, heard at least four shots. The witness also claimed that the shooting occurred in the street, between the motel and Castaways Motel.

Officials have not released many details regarding why the police responded to the motel. Police shootings are extremely rare in Manitou Springs. But according to the Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers website, Clemons was wanted for parole violation, escape, drugs and theft.

Clemons is reported in stable condition at a Colorado Springs hospital. The La Fon, a historic hotel, was built in 1940. After encountering difficult times, the new owners have tried to revamp the lodging property.