Victor Voters Reject Teller Building Code Repeal


By Beth Dodd:




The City of Victor had already been looking at its building codes prior to the citizen forced vote last week and formed a citizen’s building advisory committee back in January. The committee has been working to analyze the intergovernmental agreement with Teller County, the building codes, and code enforcement issues. The committee is considering a recommendation that the Victor City Council hire an outside company, Colorado Code Consulting, to help them develop a new building code. Colorado Code Consulting is also being considered to administer the new building code.

The building advisory committee was formed because it was felt that there was a need for more local control of the building codes, especially in consideration of Victor’s many historic old businesses and homes, and that a change would make the process more “Victor friendly.” However, two local citizens, Don Daniel and Marshall Winblood, felt that the city was not working fast enough to address the issue. Daniel and Winblood petitioned the city for a special election to repeal the Teller building code, even before Victor had written and approved a new code to replace it.

From the city’s perspective, they were legally required to put the issue on the ballot because of the citizen petition. However, the result of the special election did not have any impact one way or another. The repeal measure’s failure to pass will not stop or slow the process of changing the local building code. Victor will with continue the work already in progress to update the building code and code enforcement, and will eventually repeal the Teller code any way.

“The attitude of our citizens is changing in Victor, and they trust the city to do the right thing as we move forward with the new building code,” said Mayor Buck Hakes. Indeed, Victor residents showed their confidence in their city government by not making a fuss. Only 39 of approximately 422 registered voters turned out to vote against the repeal.

The city is continuing to gather input from Victor residents about this issue. Everyone is invited to participate in a town hall meeting with the building advisory committee on May 29 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.