Local and Regional Monday Morning Quarterbacks Outline Favorites


by Rick Langenberg





(well friday morning anyway)

Alright, we aren’t going to lie to you. It hurts, stings, reeks of embarrassment and may make us stronger people, yes within the next 15 years.

The Denver Broncos aren’t the finalists in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans next Sunday due to a bad case of “Chokeitis,” bad referring, the worst-coached game in modern times, frigid, anti-Peyton Manning weather and lousy karma and luck in their fated playoff duel against the Baltimore Ravens. There have been worst defeats in Denver’ illustrious sports, history; we just can’t think of them right now. Of course, there was the time relief pitcher Houston Street of the Colorado Rockies in 2009 stood on the mound one strike away from taking the Rocks to the finale game of the championship playoff bout against the Phillies with a two run lead, until disaster suddenly struck and he surrendered five runs in record speed, with such Philly stars as Ryan Howard making a mockery of his pitches. The Rocks haven’t been the same since. Then, there was the Broncs debacle against Jacksonville in 1996, which many have compared to the Broncos recent shortcomings several weeks ago. But none hit the reality cords like this year’s playoff defeat, with the Broncos having undisputedly the best team in the nation. Even now, the most sensible analyst will tell you Denver had the team to reign as this year’s Super Bowl champ. But it ain’t happening.

Regardless, Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens should be a real treat, with many local bars/restaurants and casinos partaking in the festivities. How can you not have a good time at a Super Bowl?

So instead of cussing out Broncos Coach John Fox and ridiculing John Elway’s decision to gamble away the team’s money on Peyton Manning for a mere three years of playing time, get even by taking the opportunity to win big prizes in The Mountain Jackpot’s infamous Super Bowl Prediction Contest, allowing you to pick the winning team and the total score, even if you loused up on your initial team picks (by like selecting a dreaded team called the Denver Broncos). But time is running out. See our ad in this week’s issue for more details. Still undecided about who to pick, and don’t have the faintest idea about the score (after all these two teams took everyone by surprise), here are a few suggestions from some of our favorite Monday morning quarterbacks.

John Elway, Vice-President of Operations for the Denver Broncos and Ultimate Sports King of Colorado

The San Francisco 49ers by a few. “I don’t like to give predictions by am going with the 49ers.They are the best time on paper.” Isn’t that what the experts said about the Broncos, there, John. But what can you say, the man knows his football and look for a comeback next year and maybe even a free agent pick that may surprise local fans. And John is now doing everything possible to forget the stinging loss to the Ravens, such as discussing gun control with Pierce Morgan of CNN.

Dave Paul, Teller County Commissioner Chairman, Hardcore Broncos fan and Season-Ticket-Owner and the Possessor of a Broncos Crying Towel The 49ers by 3 “Of course if the refs perform like they did during the Broncos game, the Ravens will probably win. But I would go with the 49ers. They have a good quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) who almost knows he is better (than the Ravens’ Joe Flacco). I predict that he (Colin) is going to have a great game and will have a lot of passing and rushing yards. It also is time for Ray Lewis’ retirement party.” Paul admits he is one of the thousands of Coloradans, who was stunned regarding the defeat of Denver in the final minutes in their game against the Ravens. He says he still hasn’t recovered from this loss, which he viewed in person. “When I saw the New England/Baltimore (AFC championship) game on television, it felt weird. I said to myself, ‘I should be at the game. Wasn’t it supposed to be played in Denver.’”

Jon DeVaux, Woodland Park Business Owner and Planning Commission Member
The 49ers will win by a score of 24-21. “No real reason. I just hate the Ravens because of what they did to the Broncos. This pick is nothing other than revenge.” We have heard worst reasons.

David Buttery, Woodland Park City Manager
The San Francisco 49ers will win by a touchdown. “I completely lost interest after the Broncos lost to the Ravens. But since you keep pestering me about this, I am going to go with the 49ers.” There’s nothing like media harassment to garner a prediction from the head city boss in Woodland Park.

Charles Chambers, Local Photographer, Advertising Consultant and former Semi-Pro Football Player
The 49ers will win by a score of 31 to 21. “After talking to my friend Joe Theismann (a football television analyst and former quarterback legend for the Washington Redskins) we agree the teams are evenly matched in lots of categories. It will come down to which players are in the best shape physically and who has their best games. Overall, the only edge the Ravens have is with their wide receivers. Everything, as far as individual matchups favors the 49ers. The 49ers have the physical advantage on the offensive and defensive lines. But I do not expect a blowout either way. The edge goes to 49ers, especially on turf in a dome stadium. It should be one hell of a good game.” If Charlie gets this wrong, he has vowed to tell television Joe to quit doing stupid commercials.

Mike Richards, Local Numbers Guru and former Bay Area Transplant
San Francisco will win by a score of 20-17. “The 49ers are back and we have waited a long for this. We are going to win because we are better.” With this kind of arrogance, maybe that’s why the 49ers have the Super Bowl record they do.

Patty Magee, Woodland Park resident and Diehard Packers fan
Baltimore will win by a score of 30-28. “I just like the Ravens and they have been impressive in their last couple of games.” Simple enough.

Tracy Colligan, Green Mountain Falls Lodging Host
Baltimore will win by 33-28.“There is a certain pride to the Baltimore Ravens team that I really like.” Tracy has a point. The Ravens have fooled everyone in their last two playoff bouts, showing once again the strength of a wildcard team that gets hot in the playoffs. So much for home-field advantage in the playoffs and the enticement of having a bye week. The media makes too much of that.

Jim Magee, Woodland Park
Baltimore will win by 27-21. “That is based on pure instinct.” Sometimes, these are the best reasons. After all, George W. Bush ran his presidency that way for eight years.