New Year’s Eve 2012 & New Year’s Day 2013

by Cathy Mahrholz






Whew! We all survived the end of the world, so celebrate the arrival of 2013 with gusto. New Year’s Eve is just a week away; on Monday to be precise. And there’s that old saying, “different strokes for different folks.” So celebrate in your own inimitable style.

On New Year’s Eve, a lot of folks love to dance the night away, pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, count the last seconds until midnight arrives, then throw confetti around and generally get rowdy; nothing wrong with that!

Up in Cripple Creek , the casinos each have their own unique style, and a party atmosphere prevails no matter what day of the year you visit. What a great way, since the world is still here, to have a lively celebration, by visiting the historic town of Cripple Creek . Celebrate in a town that dates back to the glory days of the gold rush here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Although overnight accommodations at the casinos are booked way in advance, why not splurge and make the night truly special at one of the other establishments in town. As of press time, The Cherub House Bed & Breakfast still had two rooms available, and the Hotel St. Nicholas and Carr Manor Hotel may also still have openings for overnight accommodations. Be sure to check the Gold King and the Cripple Creek Motel; you just might get lucky!

If you are coming into Cripple Creek from elsewhere in the Pikes Peak region consider Ramblin Express, Their busses come up from Colorado Springs , with a stop in Woodland Park and they drop off and pick up riders in front of the casinos in Cripple Creek . For the latest information, with regular updates on scheduling call 719-590-8687. And within the town of Cripple Creek , Casino shuttle service is readily available to pick you up and drop you off at your next casino destination. And there is no charge to go from one casino to another. Cripple Creek also runs a city shuttle service around the town, all you have to do is call.

In and around other parts of Teller County , there are other options for entertainment and a party like atmosphere for ringing in the New Year.

The Crystola Roadhouse always has a big night with live music on New Year’s Eve.

In Woodland Park there are a few places to consider. The Historic Ute Inn has a celebration planned for the evening. If classic rock or alternative rock is what moves you, rock out to a live performance by One Eleven. Close by is Buck’s Mountain Saloon & Grill and just across the road is a new Wine Bar, Lush, a ritzy place that recently opened.

In Divide, Russ’ Place may have a New Year’s Eve celebration in the works. It’s a casual dining spot with rustic mountain appeal, just minutes away from Woodland Park .

Dining opportunities in Woodland include a newly opened establishment, known as Carmen, this place is located adjacent to the recently renovated movie theater.

If Asian cuisine is something that appeals to you, in addition to Fortune Dragon, newly opened Japan Fusion has an enormous menu featuring just about anything Asian, from Sushi to Thai food. You need venture only as far as Gold Hill Square to explore the exotic cuisine of Asia .

For an outstanding New Year’s Eve dinner, consider McGinty’s in Divide. There will be dinner specials, and at midnight, appetizers and a glass of champagne are on the house!

Up in Cripple Creek , Ralf’s Break Room always pulls out all the stops and is a favorite among the locals. It is just across from the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino. Also in Cripple Creek , another casino to consider is Big Jim’s, located in the old Imperial Casino location. Word is, they’ve got some party plans in the works.

Are you within walking distance of your favorite pub? Walk a few blocks to get there and back…Don’t have a designated driver? You’d rather be the designated drinker? Teller Cab will be up and running throughout Teller County from Cascade all the way out as far as Lake George. Their number is 719-687-8222.

And with different strokes for different folks in mind, there are people, like this writer, who prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. Maybe watch the old tube to see the ball drop at Midnight in New York while relaxing, toasty warm, near the woodstove. But truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I managed to stay awake until midnight local time!

Banana Belt Liquors, Gold Hill Square Wine & Liquor and Paradise Spirits will surely have some specials for you to consider in planning your New Year’s Eve celebration. Instead of the usual champagne, why not try something different like Asti Spumante; a slightly sweeter alternative to the traditional bubbly beverage…goes great with leftover Christmas cookies!

New Year’s Day to me, seems like a great day to relax, recover or recreate, depending on your point of view. While many folks are sleeping or nursing a hangover, after having been out partying all night, there are some who view New Year’s Day as one of those days where hiking trails and ski trails are good places to find something all too rare these days; solitude and peace.

A little planning is all it takes to get 2013 off to a good start, each of us in our own way. Celebrate the fact that the Mayans were wrong, the world did not end on December 21,2012, and welcome in the New Year, Mountain Style!

I bid you peace and contentment in 2013…