Happy National Fossil Day!





Fossil Day Award Winners Announced

The Pikes Peak Pebble Pups were well represented in an art contest to celebrate the third National Fossil Day. The National Park Service and the American Geological Institute partnered to host the third annual National Fossil Day on October 17, 2012 during Earth Science Week. National Fossil Day is a celebration organized to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, as well as to foster a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational value.

Here are the winners of the contest: Ciena Higginbotham First Place 14-18 year old category Pikes Peak Pebble Pups (Lake George Gem and Mineral Club) and Jack Shimon Third Place 5-8 year old category Pikes Peak Pebble Pups (Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society). It is unusual to have two winners in a national contest from the same informal educational group.

Pebble Pups and Earth Science Scholars (teens) were invited via the Pikes Peak Pebble Pup website to participate in the contest sponsored by the National Park Service. Several Pikes Peak Pebble Pups and Earth Science Scholars responded.

The national winners were posted on the following National Park Service Website:


The Pikes Peak Pebble Pups and Earth Science Scholars explore the wonders of rock, mineral,and fossil collecting in the Pikes Peak region.This program participates with the Future Rockhounds of America under the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. The purpose is to train Pebble Pups and Junior Members (teens) to become skilled rockhounds and enjoy science. The Pebble Pups and teen members of the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society and the Lake George Gem and Mineral Club use this blog site to display their research, writing, art, and yes, even Earth science poetry: http://pebblepups.blogspot.com/

Many of the pebble pups have been published in international magazines, newspapers, and electronic media. A large number of the Pebble Pups and Earth Science Scholars have received science writing awards. Several members have participated in science fairs and the regional Science Olympiad at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Similar groups have launched some of the careers of notable geologists and paleontologists.

The Pebble Pup leader is Steven Veatch, a volunteer interpretive ranger at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Veatch is strongly supported by John Rakowski, Dr. Bob Carnein, Julie Shimon, Roger Pittman, Allison Schlesinger,Sharon Holte, Betty Merchant, and all of the parents.

A celebration and reception has been planned at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument to recognize these young paleo artists on January 19th, 2013. Festivities will begin at 9:30 am. The Pebble Pups and their friends and families will honor the two winners, tour the new visitor center, and then do some fun paleo activities in the yurt. The Friends of the Florissant Fossil Beds will be providing refreshments. There will be lots of excitement and more fun than we can stand. The local press and broadcast media have been invited to this event at the fossil beds.For more information please call Steven Veatch at 719-748-5010