Water System Grant Funds Improvements for Thirsty Victor

By Beth Dodd





The City of Victor has won a grant for $187,000 from the Colorado Water Resources Power and Development Authority. This one time grant was awarded to only a lucky few communities. The money will be used to repair and upgrade the City’s aging water infrastructure, parts of which still exhibit Victorian era technology.

A primary use of the grant money will be repairs to the Victor water tank. The tank is on a hill north of Goldfield, and supplies water to both communities. The inside of the water tank will be cleaned, sandblasted, and repainted. The tank will also be checked for leaks. While the repairs are underway, the tank will be emptied and a large water storage bladder will serve as a temporary water supply. The tank will be out of service for two weeks. The job is planned for the spring or summer of 2013.

The CWRPD grant will also pay for a back-up generator for the community’s water system. At the present time, if a blizzard or thunderstorm knocks out the power, the water system quits pumping. With the new generator, the water will still flow even if the power goes out. However, in order to incorporate a new generator into the existing system, the high altitude, temperature extremes, and the amount of electricity required to operate the water plant must all be considered. A water system engineer is expected to begin work on the project in the spring of 2013.

Other recent improvements to the Victor water system include repairs this fall at Bison Reservoir #2. This is a small lake just north of the main Bison Reservoir, which lies northwest of Victor. Bison #2 is used to supply both Victor and the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine with water. Together the two Bison Reservoirs can hold a ten-year supply of water for the town.

Over time, the old earthen dam at Bison Reservoir #2 had developed deep gullies from erosion. To correct the problem, Larry “Bubby” Conley of Conley Construction and his crew hauled rocks and built rip-rap on the downstream side of the dam. New soil and seed were also added to prevent future erosion. The CCV Mine contributed $53,000 to fund the project.

Other recent changes around town are more obvious. North Fourth Street has new curbs and gutters, sidewalks, and parking spaces. Fourth Street south of Victor Ave is due to get the same treatment in the spring. The city also hopes to start improvements at the Brian’s Park ice skating rink in the next year, in keeping with their recent Parks and Recreation Master Plan. They may apply for a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant to pay for the work.

The City of Victor is also planning to continue to improve their water infrastructure. They are already in the process of budgeting for next year, and intend to apply for funds from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) to conduct a water system modeling survey, which will check the whole system for leaks and inefficiencies.