Former Teller Resident/Suspect till On The Run


by Rick Langenberg:






The fugitive saga of John McAfee, the former Teller resident and golf course property and mansion owner, who gained national fame with his anti-virus computer technology, keeps getting more bizarre.

McAfee is still eluding Belize authorities, who believe he may have murdered his neighbor regarding a dispute over the software mogul’s dogs at his beachside villa. McAfee is a suspect in the killing of Gregory Faull, a retired American builder, who was shot last month on the island of Ambergris Caye, where both men lived.

Only now, McAfee’s exploits have become an international media sensation due to the way he has continually taunted authorities with a barrage of allegations and detailed descriptions of how he has disguised himself and escaped captivity. In addition, while on the run, he has publicly outlined explicit philosophical views and utopian accounts of his former time in Belize, through a recently-established blog and Twitter account. Plus, he has continued to profess his innocence.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, McAfee claims that two of his employees conspired to try to kill him. According to these reports, McAfee believes these employees were conspiring with authorities, as part of a plot to kill and torture him and had wanted to bomb him. McAfee also has posted hand-written letters and death threats, reportedly sent to his house. He also is worried about the fate of several of his associates who have been apprehended by Belize police.

McAfee’s allegations, though, haven’t made a big impression with Belize authorities. Belize Prime Minister Dan Barrow contends that McAfee has gone over the edge (mentally). “I don’t want to be unkind to the gentleman, but I believe he is extremely paranoid, even bonkers,” said Barrow, in an article in the New York Daily News.

During his lengthy stint in Teller County, during which he toyed with the idea of launching a golf course and mini-resort and housing development, he was known for his unusual lifestyle, capped by lavish real estate holdings, extensive gun collections, Yoga practices and an obsession with Internet security and property rights. He actually constructed the initial nine holes of the Woodland Park links property (now known as Shining Mountain) and a two-story clubhouse, only to scrap the project in the middle of the construction effort. He eventually sold the nearly 500-acre property to the Japanese-based Fujiki Corporation.

McAfee’s former lavish 10,000 square-foot estate in Teller County, capped by several guest homes, apartments, trout lakes, a horse stable and meditation and yoga studios, gained legendary status. McAfee became known as one of the region’s more eccentric real estate/mansion barons.

He eventually sold the home during a well-publicized auction. The economic crash hit McAfee hard, who reportedly found his net worth diminished from $100 million to about $4 million. He has lived in Belize for the last several years.