New Jewelry Store Opens In Downtown Woodland Park

by Rick Langenberg:


The search for gold, silver, sapphire and a bevy of jewelry and assorted rings in Woodland Park has been renewed with a new shop in the downtown core and a familiar operator.

Award-winning designer Stephanie Satow, the co-owner of the former Jewelry Box outlet, has opened a new expanded store down the road at 110 W. Midland (between Curves and Buck’s Mountain Saloon). The new store, Aureus Jewelers, features a wide selection of rings, bracelets, colored gems, diamonds, silver, gold and titanium fashion pieces and even more basic items like key chains and money clips.

More importantly, Aureus is equipped with an on-site repair shop for dealing with rings, chains, watch batteries and a variety of accessories. In many cases, customers may want to upgrade and enhance their wedding rings or ear rings. “I can display a lot more jewelry and have more of a unique selection than I did before,” said Stephanie Satow, the sole operator and owner of the new store. Plus, Satow is quite bullish about the on-site repair capabilities of Aureus Jewelers. She concedes that the lack of a repair outlet at the Jewelry Box definitely posed a few logistic challenges. “I hope to get a lot of repeat customers and welcome anyone who visited my old shop or any new customers. So far the response has been very positive,” added Satow, who has lived in Teller County for about a year and a half.

The new shop, which does purchase gold, abounds with an impressive display case, with jewelry items starting around $15 and extending to more than $5,000. Satow, a third generation jeweler, can also craft special custom design pieces.

Satow says that most customers buy jewelry pieces between the $40 and $60 price range. She cites ear rings and silver fashion pieces as the top sellers. And with the Christmas season looming, the store is offering a number of special deals.

Satow sports years of experience and expertise in the jewelry and ring-crafting arena. She grew up in a town outside Cleveland, Ohio that she compares to Woodland Park and got the jewelry bug as a child with the exploits of her grandmother and father. “This is pretty much what I know,” said Satow. “This is what I have done all my life.”

She started as a bench jeweler, apprenticing with her father at a young age and then the two eventually ran a custom jewelry shop in Henderson, Nevada. During her stint in Nevada, she worked with the acclaimed stone dealer Bill Gangi and was introduced to unique colored stones that she would later use in her designs. Satow’s training paid off and she is the winner of national jewelry design award (the Platinum Sustainability Design Award) with a euro-style masterpiece ring that one writer/reviewer referred to as a “balanced mix of contemporary and classic.”

Satow, who also has received a number of degrees in the industry, is currently working on certification from the Gemology Institute of America. The Divide resident admits she has a special fondness for dealing with colored gem stones.

However, as the sole operator of Aureus Jewelers, she concedes that she enjoys all facets of the industry, including repairs and advising customers on their special needs. In fact, the personable business owner believes that having an on-site repair outlet is probably the biggest enhancement over her previous jewelry stint in Woodland Park.

She co-operated the Jewelry Box inside Cowbells for about 10 months and also worked in several jewelry shops in Colorado Springs. Satow is also quite enthused about the Woodland Park business climate. “I really enjoy the business community up here. I find Woodland Park very small business-friendly. A lot of the shop owners really work together and try to help each other out.” For example, she cited the fact that her new shop is located in a prime spot adjacent to a beauty salon, a restaurant/bar, workout area and wine tasting outlets. As a result, plenty of parking abounds in an adjacent lot behind the store.

Aureus Jewelers is currently open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9:30 to 4:30 on Saturday, with the shop closed on Sundays and Mondays. But during the holiday season, the hours may be extended. For more information, call 687-6546 or visit the business at